The Entertainment Tonight Cast Announces New Host Nischelle Turner



The cast of Entertainment Tonight has been announced for the upcoming season of the hit television show. Currently, the show is hosted by Kevin Frazier, who was previously the co-host of the series. Turner is the second black woman to host the show, following Kevin Frazier. The show is produced by CBS Media Ventures. The executive producers of the show are Whitney Wallace and Leslie Kawaguchi. They will also be joining the cast as co-hosts in 2013.

The cast will also introduce a new host to the show – Nischelle Turner, who will co-host with Kevin Frazier. This move will make Turner the first Black woman to co-host the show. Since leaving ET, Nancy O’ Dell has been the host of the show. She is now joining a new CBS series called Secret Celebrity Renovation, which will follow celebrities as they remodel their homes. This is the perfect opportunity for Turner to hone her craft as a journalist and expand her fan base.

In addition to hosting the show, Turner will be the first Black woman to host the show. She is replacing Nancy O’ Dell, who retired as co-host in January 2019 to spend more time with her daughter. While the cast is still unconfirmed, Turner has an impressive resume that includes covering awards shows, movie premieres, and breaking news. The show’s cast is a diverse one, as it features women from diverse backgrounds.

The cast of Entertainment Tonight is a diverse group of people. A wide range of ethnicities and backgrounds make up the show’s cast. However, the show is a family affair, which makes the cast very close. For instance, the Turners have a son, so the new baby will be born in a white house. The TV show is made by the same network as the Sunday Night Football game. The producers are trying to find a diverse cast for the show to keep the show fresh.

As for the cast of the show, Turner is a first-generation Black woman. She has been a co-host since 2011, but was recently replaced by Nancy O’ Dell, who chose to stay home with her child. After a decade as co-host, Turner is the first Black woman to host the show. Moreover, the show has also been praised for its diversity and multicultural appeal. In addition, the show’s cast is diverse, and it features a wide range of personalities.

Entertainment Tonight is a popular weekly television show. It features many different celebrities in various roles. Some of the most popular TV shows have celebrity co-hosts. The cast members of the show vary in race, ethnicity, and age. The cast of Entertainment Tonight is a good representation of the world of entertainment. The show is a good choice for watching the latest television shows. The new host is a great choice for the role of a TV personality.

Nischelle Turner is the newest co-host of Entertainment Tonight. She joins Kevin Frazier on the show in August. She has worked with ET since 2014 and will lead the show with Kevin Frazier as her co-host. The Emmy winner has experience in reporting breaking news, award shows, and other events of interest to viewers. In addition to her new role as co-host, Nischelle will also be hosting a new CBS show, Secret Celebrity Renovation. In fact, she’s passionate about home design and will be remodeled celebrity homes.

Kevin Frazier will serve as host of the show while Nischelle Turner will serve as co-host of the show’s new series. The show has been in production since July and has had a variety of exciting cast members. The show’s original format is a local newscast and the most popular in the United States. The first episode of the show ran for 37 years, making it the longest-running syndicated television program ever.

The cast of the show includes many notable celebrities. The list includes actors and actresses from all genres. The show also includes various bits of trivia about the actors. It has been reported that some of the actors have received Emmys in the past. Therefore, it’s important to know the cast and their backgrounds before deciding to watch the show. If you’re a fan of ET, this might be a good time to watch it.

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