Tequila Old Fashioned


A Tequila Old Fashioned is an agave-based cocktail with a hint of smoke and heat. It’s easy to make at home and has a wide variety of possible variations. This classic cocktail template lends itself to many variations and pairs well with aged agave spirits.

A Tequila Old Fashioned is made by mixing tequila, orange peel, bitters, and agave syrup in a cocktail glass. It should be stirred for at least 20 seconds to blend the flavors. Then, add ice cubes to the glass, and use a Hawthorne strainer to strain the drink.

Old Fashioneds are among the best-known cocktails made with tequila. While the original cocktail is usually made with Bourbon, tequila’s earthy agave flavors make it an especially delicious addition to the classic drink. Whether it’s served on the rocks or stirred, the drink is both complex and expressive.

Agave syrup is a traditional addition to an Old Fashioned, but you can also make your own version by using agave instead. Agave is sweeter than sugar and complements the aged flavor of the tequila. To make this cocktail even more delicious, try using agave syrup instead of simple syrup.

Another variation on the classic Tequila Old Fashioned is the Baja Gold. This version has less pineapple, and the agave syrup makes the drink more concentrated. When you make it, be sure to stir it thoroughly before serving it. It’s also a good idea to use an orange peel for expressing the oils on top of the cocktail.

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