Tales of Arise Quests – Shionne the Fashion Critic


Shionne the Fashion Critic is a side quest in Tales of Arise that will test your fashion sense. The quest starts in Ulzebek after you speak to a modest nobleman. You will need to make a choice between three different wardrobes in order to complete the quest. However, there is more to the quest than meets the eye. Read on to find out how to complete Shionne the Fashion Critic and the rewards it will provide.

Tales of Arise is a fantasy world, and characters often struggle to wear stylish clothes that match their style. Shionne, the protagonist of the game, has a problem with this and needs your help in making the right choices. She will need to find fashionable clothes for an NPC in Ulzebek. The quest is relatively simple, but it requires a great deal of time. Shionne will spend some time evaluating his outfits and will then ask you for some advice on how to match them.

The game features many side quests in addition to main quests. One of these side quests is Shionne the Fashion Critic, and you can find it in Ulzbek, Calaglia, or after the Glanymede Castle events. It is not the easiest quest to complete, but it is well worth it for the rewards it provides. If you want to be a fashion critic in Tales of Arise, then you must make sure you are following the rules.

After you have obtained this knowledge, you will need to help a handsome nobleman. This handsome nobleman will be the first person to approach you for advice. He wants to know which clothes to buy, and he wants Shionne’s opinion on aggressive clothes. In addition to this, he also wants to wear clothes that say he has money.

Shionne the Fashion Critic is an optional side quest that rewards you with 1,600 Gald and 135 SP. To complete it, you will need to return to Ulzebek at a later stage of the game. You might not be able to find the right outfit the first time you speak to him, so it is a good idea to set up a routine to visit him periodically.

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