Supercharged Entertainment – New England’s Premier Indoor Entertainment Complex



Supercharged Entertainment is New England’s premier indoor entertainment facility. With a 125,000 square foot facility, this fun-filled venue features the LARGEST indoor multi level karting track, Ninja Wipeout Park, bumper cars, a full-service restaurant, and state-of-the-art game lounge. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to celebrate a birthday or host a corporate event, Supercharged is the perfect venue.

Supercharged Entertainment is a 12-5,000 square-foot entertainment complex with everything you need for a fun time. The venue is home to the world’s largest indoor multi-level karting track, a trampoline Zone, catering, and a full-service bar. The company is headed by President Stephen Sangermano and CEO Sandra Sangermano. There are plenty of activities for people of all ages, from family outings to corporate team building functions.

The facility is open seven days a week, and features a huge arcade, including a prize center and Ninja Warrior arena. There’s also pub food, so you can get your fill of fun while your team is working on a project. The staff at Supercharged Entertainment can assist you with planning an event, whether you’re hosting a corporate outing, team-building activity, or a business meeting.

The Supercharged Entertainment venue is the largest indoor multi-level karting venue in the world. It also offers an 80,000-square-foot indoor track and a Ninja Wipeout course. The facility is a great choice for corporate events, team-building functions, and company outings. In addition to go-karting, the venue offers other activities. It also has a pub-style restaurant, which makes it a convenient choice for groups and families.

Supercharged Entertainment is a fun place for all ages and is ready for large groups and companies. The go-karts at the venue have an impressive 18 horsepower and a dazzling acceleration. The track is 80,000 square-foot and is perfect for a large family gathering or a company outing. A variety of fun activities are offered at Supercharged Entertainment, including a Ninja Warrior Arena and a giant arcade.

With a total of 125,000 square feet, Supercharged Entertainment is a great place for a corporate outing in Massachusetts. With its Ninja Wipeout course and indoor karting track, this is an excellent option for corporate team-building activities or company outings. In addition, the facility offers private conference rooms. In addition to their fun and excitement, Supercharged Entertainment is ready to host any group.

Supercharged Entertainment is a premier entertainment facility in Wrentham, Massachusetts and features the largest indoor multi-level karting track in the world. In addition to karting, this venue also has a trampoline zone and catering. Whether you want to party with your colleagues, or just relax and enjoy your day with family and friends, this is a place to be entertained. If you’re looking for a great place to have a company outing in Wrentham, Massachusetts, Supercharged Entertainment is the place to go.

The venue is home to the world’s largest indoor multi-level karting track. It also boasts the Ninja Warrior Arena and a massive arcade with a prize center. The venue is also the perfect place for a corporate outing in Wrentham. If you’re looking for an amazing place to entertain your colleagues, Supercharged Entertainment is the perfect place for you. It has the best karting experience in the Boston area.

The Supercharged Entertainment venue in Wrentham, Massachusetts has been a premier entertainment destination for more than five years. It boasts the largest indoor multi-level karting track in the world. It also has a trampoline zone, catering, full-service bar, and a large, multi-level gaming area. With so many options available, it is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary.

For fun on the go, Supercharged Entertainment has a Ninja Wipeout Arena, which is modeled after the American Ninja Warrior. It features wipeout balls, warped walls, monkey rings, a trapeze, spinning logs, swinging steps, and a lava pit. No matter what the age of your children, they’ll love Supercharged Entertainment’s thrilling environment will make them happy.

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