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Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw a lion? It is probably one of the most recognizable animals in all of literature, films, and video games. It is also one of the most beautiful. Learning how to draw a lion can give you the chance to put your own artistic touch on this majestic animal.

This article will teach you how to make cartoon lion heads for kids and collectors alike. If you have never drawn a lion before, it is recommended that you start with a simple drawing to get some practice before moving on to more difficult projects. Let me share with you some of my favorite ideas to make lion heads.

  • The first idea I would like to share with you is how to create a simple cartoon lion head. Start by creating a simple circle. Circle your head with three smaller circles radiating out from your center point. Using a pencil draw two smaller circles around each circle.

  • Next we will start with step two, which is creating the mane. You can do this by tracing a basic mane on a piece of cardboard. Go slightly out away from where you started so you don’t destroy any of your shadings. Use a large piece of graphite or pencil to trace the hair.
  • Next we are going to draw the paws. This part is best done with a pencil, as it will give you the most control over how you shape the paws. First draw two half circles around each of your paws. Next, go ahead and draw two half circles again around the paws.
  • Now we are going to start with step three, which is creating the full body of the lion. You will be starting with a large blank sheet of paper. Take a marker or pencil and mark in the basic shapes for the head, shoulders, legs, chest, flanks, belly, and tail. Follow these easy to follow steps and you will soon have a wonderful drawing that you can show off to friends.
  • Step six is when you will add in the other parts of the lion. For starters, you will want to add in the mane and begin drawing the mane around the top of the head. Next you will want to start adding in the eyes, nose, ears, and a tail. After you are done with these steps, it’s time to add in the claws of the lion. Again follow these easy steps and you will soon have a great looking lion ready to draw.

  • Step nine is the shaping of the body. After all of your parts are ready you should now add in the facial features of the lion. Keep the eye in focus and remember to make the tree leaves visible. After this step is complete, it’s time to add in the other features of the lion. After you have finished this step make sure to make an attempt to draw a few more of the lion before you go on to the next step. This way if you run into any trouble you can simply continue to the next step.
  • Step seven is the most important part of the drawing. The first thing you should do is take out your sketch pad and draw out the mane. The mane should be as clear and as large as possible while at the same time being as tight as possible. After you have drawn out the mane it’s time to begin with drawing out the other parts of the lion including the face, neck, ears, eyes, claws, and tree leaves. When you have finished with these steps, it’s time to move onto the last few steps which include sharpening up the claws, adding in the jagged points, and coloring the body.

  • Step eight deals with creating the outline of the lion’s snout. This is done by drawing out the outline as you would for the rest of the body. After you have drawn out the head and created the snout outline you will want to erase some of the darker areas so that you can begin to fill in the lighter circles. You should use varying thicknesses of black markers to make these circles and make sure to apply them onto the head, neck, and shoulders as well as onto the mane. After you are happy with the circles that you have created, it’s time to start adding in the snout jagged lines.
  • Step nine deals with creating the outline of the nose. To do this, draw a line down the center of the nose from the tip of the snout all the way to the tip of the chin. After you have drawn this line you should erase some of the dark shaded areas on the nose so that you can begin to fill in the lighter colored circles. Once you are happy with the circles you have created, it is time to add in the small curved lines which will form the side of the lion’s mouth.

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