SM Entertainment Appoints New CMO and CEO



The SM Entertainment board of directors recently appointed a new CMO and CEO. Tak Young-joon and Lee Seong-su will lead the company’s marketing department and work alongside the new CEO. Previously, Tak was the chief marketing officer at Fandango Korea, which was bought by SM in 2005. Both Lee and Seong-su were previously involved with SM Entertainment, leading the company’s overseas business.

SM Entertainment has been expanding its overseas presence in recent years. The company announced the establishment of the SMTOWN J-POP ZONE on July 3, 2017. The SM Entertainment board of directors is now assessing the company’s strategy to build a global entertainment empire. The company is also expanding its IP, launching new projects and acquiring new ones. It also has more than 50 intellectual property (IP) rights.

Lee Soo Man, the SM Entertainment CEO, has been named in the Pandora Papers scandal. He founded eight companies in Hong Kong to make money. SM Entertainment is a major Korean media company, and is the home to some of the world’s most popular K-pop artists. As part of a joint investigation with global media partners, Newstapa analyzed the leaks, which now total almost 12 million documents.

SM Entertainment has been producing music-based culture contents for the past two decades. It has incorporated the latest technologies into its content, which is known as SMCU. SM also aims to create content that spans a metaverse-style future. The SMCU has an IP that reaches beyond Korean borders. The CEO of the SM Entertainment Group, Kim Kyoung-wook, has been awarded the title of CEO in October 1998.

Lee Soo-man, 42, is the CEO of SM Entertainment. After graduating from California State University, Northridge, he returned to Korea in 1989. He opened an entertainment studio, SM Studio, in Apgujeong, Seoul. The name SM was changed to SM Entertainment in February 1995, and the company has since become a global phenomenon. SM Entertainment has successfully launched a string of successful artists and groups, including boy groups H.O.T. and super junior. His Japanese background made him the perfect candidate to lead the SM.

In 2010, SM Entertainment joined the Chinese market with its hit group H.O.T. He spearheaded the K-Pop boom and later became a pioneer in the Japanese music industry with the success of BoA and TVXQ. In the last decade, SM Entertainment has become a leading entertainment group in the world, with the mania for Girls’ Generation and Super Junior taking place in Japan. He was born in Japan and became the CEO of SM Entertainment in 2005.

SM has been creating music-based culture contents for over 20 years, incorporating the latest technologies. Its IP has grown in the past two decades and aims to create a new world in the near future. Despite the many challenges facing the entertainment industry, SM has remained a leader in the industry, and has become a household name. Its artists are stockholders in SM, and a plethora of projects have been released in the past two years.

SM’s IP has been expanding for years, and it has already created content for robots and avatars. In 2010, SM Entertainment collaborated with James Cameron to create a U.S. K-Pop competition show called ‘K-Pop Stars’. Currently, the SM group’s portfolio of companies is vast, and it has expanded to a number of countries in the world. As the company expands its IP, it will strive to create a virtual future that will be unstoppable.

SM Entertainment is a major player in South Korea. In 2010, the company’s CEO, Lee Sung Su, introduced Beyond LIVE, a concert-based online platform that merged AR and XR technologies. The result was a fantastic 3D experience for the audience. The SMTOWN brand also launched special concert packages for overseas fans to the Super Junior Super Show 4 Tour encore concerts in May 2012. On 26/03/2012, a group of 47 SM artists was made stockholders in the company. The first seven members of the group were added to the SMTOWN J-POP ZONE.

SM Entertainment has also expanded into foreign markets. Its success is credited to its ability to make a successful Korean wave that reaches around the world. While it is a niche market, aespa’s efforts have led to several breakthroughs in the field of AI and holograms. Among its many initiatives, the company is focused on advancing its presence in foreign markets. Its founder, Lee Soo Man, has a unique vision for the future of the AESPA.

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