Simple Cat Drawing – How to Draw a Cat’s Head and Tail on Your Own


If you love to draw or have always loved cats, it is time to indulge in simple cat drawings. This is one of the best ways to express yourself artistically using only the most basic tools that are found in almost every home in the US. This simple art form can be enjoyed by adults as well as children and can serve as an excellent therapy for some of life’s little challenges. This simple cartoon can help you unleash your creative side and let you explore new ideas you may have been avoiding in past years.

One of the most important things to remember when learning how to draw is that even if a simple cat drawing looks cute, the main thing that really counts is how realistic it looks on paper. This drawing is simple to create with no difficult imagination thanks to the normal vision of an average cat at your house. So let us enjoy beginning this simple cat drawing with these tips on how to draw a cat: Start with a pencil. Pick out a lead or pencil and do not forget your whiteout or any special drawing pad that allows you to work on white areas.

Now draw your cat in the usual fashion and try to add as many details as possible, keeping in mind to keep the main color scheme and don’t forget about shading. If your cat has any unique features, such as long legs or a unique face, it will add more realism to your simple cat drawing easy. You may want to draw more than just the face, so that you can add wrinkles and extra details to the body.

Now that you have drawn your cat, it is time to learn how to do some simple cat designs for kids. To make this quick and easy, just pick out two of your kids’ favorite characters, preferably from a popular children’s cartoon. Or if you want to try something different, choose something that your kids would really like. Then draw the head and upper body of your child on a larger scale, making sure that you include all the necessary details. You can also add ears, and tail, and of course, a beautiful tail curl.

Step six: Use your pencil to draw out a pretty cat tail. The easiest way to do this is by starting with the end closest to your kid’s neck. Start at the tip with a straight line and draw outward until there is about one inch left. You can do the same for the front edge. This is a simple cat drawing tutorial that you can do by yourself and then ask your kids to help out.

Step seven: Use your four fingers, starting with the knuckles, to create a nice rounded shape for your cat’s nose. Start with the center part of your finger, and slowly increase the size of the knuckle. Make sure to include all the detail that you’ve been talking about, like the pretty cat’s nose and eyes, his ears, and of course, his tail. It would be best to start with a small rounded shape for your child’s nose before you move on to the larger and more detailed designs. You can also try playing with different angles. For example, if you’re going to do an upside down triangle, you can use the side of your hand as an angled triangle and draw the cat’s nose, eyes and tail in that way.

Step eight: The last step would be to bring all your drawing ideas together. You can draw her hands using circles, or you can draw her paws using simple drawings like the ones I’ve been showing you. Think about the way you want her to look when she wears her dress up or down. You can also add a few tail curls if you want to make her look more curvy.

The last step would be to bring all the pieces together. You can use a joint compound for your joints and then just put the head, neck and ears into the appropriate position. If you’re not good at putting two pieces together, use a paper clip or something else to hold them together until you feel confident that they will stay put. And that’s it – you are finally done with your cat’s head and tail drawing!

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