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Would you like to learn how to draw a cat? It’s actually pretty easy once you get started. Cat drawings are fun and easy to do for both kids and adults. Even if you’ve never done it before, learning how to draw a cat might be just the project you’ve been searching for to add to your portfolio or as a fun activity to do with your children. So let’s jump in!

The first step in how to draw a cat is to draw the cat in an oval, crescent, or any other shape that you’re comfortable with. Remember to make sure you have good posture when drawing cats. It helps a lot if you have good upper body strength as well. Second Step, we’ll move on to getting the cat’s head turned toward you. Start by holding the pencil circle with one hand and the long edge of the pencil with the other. Make sure you’re sitting straight and relaxed.

The third step in how to draw a cat is to draw the eyes. Start by drawing the eye on a new colored pencil. Move the pencil slowly toward the outside of the eye from the inside out until the outside edge of the eye looks like an upturned rim. Then draw the right leg inside the eye. The left leg should be next and you’ll know you’ve gotten it right when the little toe of the left foot touches the floor.

The next step in cat drawing involves getting the body in the correct position. Start by drawing a nice thick line inside the upper body just above the eyes. Use a little bit of black marker to add details on the upper part of the shoulders and near the ears. The next step is to trace a thin line inside the upper stomach and down the side of the tail. Be careful not to get this line in the middle of the stomach.

The fourth step in how to draw a cat with a perfect body is to draw the head and give it a round, cartoon-style look. Start with a clean white color. You can use any size point pen or highlighter pen to highlight the ears and the face. Next, draw the lips. Pick up your reference image and move it to where the cat is sitting or standing.

Step Five: In learning how to draw a cat is to add the final details. Trace your furline as lightly as possible. If you don’t know how to do this, then try to draw a line along the back and inside of the tail to get an idea of how it looks. Move on to the rest of the body. Use either a finer or thicker point pen for these final details.

Step Six: Start with just a very light pencil sketch. Use a fine-point pen or colored pencil to draw out the basic shapes of the head and neck. These include a small circle for the eyes, a black oval for the eyebrows, and a black oval that goes all the way across the top of the neck to the tip of the ears. Remember to draw the ears as a rounded, open circle because when you draw the fur from that area, it will look like hair.

Step seven: Next draw the fur. Use either a fine or thick point pen to make these drawings. Use a single or multiple stroke for the best look. For the most accurate representation, be sure to not darken or lighten any of the colors. Continue making these simple drawings until you are satisfied with how they look.

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