Santikos Entertainment Mayan Palace


The Santikos Entertainment Mayan Palace is located in the Southside of Belize. It is a social enterprise that offers fun for the entire family. This fun center has two arcades, a full service bar, and a kitchen for catering and party needs. The kids will love the party room and the arcade areas.

13 Screens

The 13 screens at Santikos Entertainment Mayan Palace are now open, but the old one will close for renovations. The theater’s interior will be renovated with reclined seating and a VIP lounge. The theater will also have a new lobby and VIP service.

Santikos Entertainment is a San Antonio-based theater chain that owns and operates theaters in San Antonio. The company recently opened a new location on Loop 410 and Highway 151. It also recently bought the Alamo Drafthouse location and refurbished it to offer a premium movie-going experience. The company also used to operate theaters in the Wonderland of Americas mall.

Full Service Bar

The full service bar at Santikos Entertainment Maya Palace in San Antonio is now open, offering drinks to all patrons. The theater has also installed recliner seats and a concession stand. The bar will also offer frozen beverages. Construction at the theater is expected to be finished by the end of the holiday season.

The Mayan Palace was originally built in 1968 and has recently undergone several renovations. Guests praise the hospitable staff and consider the prices fair. The Santikos Entertainment Mayan Palace has 4.5 stars on Google, which indicates that its patrons are satisfied with the experience.

The company also has ten theaters in San Antonio and Cibolo. The company also recently signed a lease with Wiggins Commercial, the leasing firm for the New Braunfels MarketPlace. This new agreement follows the closure of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema earlier this year, which was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Crews worked to update the 11 theaters, and eight of them are equipped with new recliner seats. The theaters also feature a full-service bar and an express pick-up service for food.

Santikos Entertainment has renovated their theaters at the Mayan Palace and Palladium. In addition to the new bars and luxurious recliner seating, the theaters also have upgraded their VIP areas. The theaters also have a lounge area, a Starbucks, and 16-lane bowling alley.

The Santikos Entertainment Mayan Palace in San Antonio is a family-owned theater. The company is a social enterprise and a for-profit business, so they can donate to local nonprofits. The theatres are also equipped with arcades and virtual reality rooms.


If you love the thrills of working in a fun, exciting environment, the Kitchen at Santikos Entertainment Mayan palace might be the place for you. In addition to offering a full kitchen, the Mayan Palace features a full bar and two arcade areas. If you’re a parent, there are also family friendly activities and a party room. Santikos’ commitment to providing a fun environment for children and adults is evident in the upgrades the Mayan Palace has made.

In addition to offering a wide variety of dining options, Santikos locations also feature traditional concession stands, lobby restaurants, and in-theater dining. In addition to a full bar and a variety of concessions, Santikos locations are ideal for any movie-going experience.

Local Ownership

Santikos Entertainment is the parent company of several theaters in the San Antonio area. They operate the $13 million Casa Blanca theater and the Greek-inspired santikos entertainment mayan palace Palladium. Both theaters are committed to providing state-of-the-art entertainment experiences to patrons. The brand also aims to enrich the local community. The Santikos Casa Blanca complex is located in the Alamo Ranch area.

In the 1980s, Santikos made a lot of money leasing land to companies like H-E-B. He later sold all his theaters to Act III Theatres. The two companies also purchased more land hoping to find someone to develop it. However, when the real estate market crashed, he didn’t find anyone to develop the land.

The Santikos family was also involved in local charities. In fact, Santikos Entertainment plans to donate $40 million this year to nonprofit groups. In addition to this, it has partnered with many local nonprofit groups. The company donates a portion of its profits to these organizations, making it easy to make a difference in the San Antonio community.

Santikos entertainment mayan palace has several theaters in the San Antonio area. They own two of the Alamo Drafthouse movie theaters on Loop 410 and Highway 151. They also recently opened a Westlakes theater on Loop 410 and Highway 151. Before that, they had a location at the Wonderland of Americas mall.

The Santikos family has a rich history of creating a unique theater experience. It all began in San Antonio, Texas. In 1911, Louis Santikos left his home in Greece to settle in central Texas. He noticed that there were long lines outside of the Rex Theater. He decided to help restore the theater, and in 1911 he bought it.

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