Reel World Entertainment


Reel World Entertainment was founded by Collin and Greg Dawson, film enthusiasts who created the award-winning web series The Reel World. The company now produces and distributes films across all genres, from science fiction to romance. Based in Montreal, Canada, Reel World also has offices in London and Los Angeles. Today, the company is one of the largest independent distributors of scripted entertainment. It also produces original series.

Greg and Collin Dawson

Greg and Collin Dawson have had a successful career in the dance industry. They have performed in the Ziegfeld Follies, Babes in Arms, and many more. They’ve also worked with George Balanchine. Whether they’re performing with the Chicago Ballet, New York City Ballet, or a Broadway production, they know how to make a show fun for the whole family.

Premiere Bobine

Premiere Bobine is the parent company of several film companies. These include Reel One Pictures and Reel World Entertainment. Premiere Bobine is based in Beverly Hills and also has offices in London and Vancouver. It is a family-owned company that has a diverse range of projects.

The company was founded by Tom Berry in 2001. He was previously the CEO of Allegro Films, which was sold to Groupe Quebecor in 1997. Tom Berry has produced over 130 movies and TV series and has worked with Pierre David as a film producer. The company produces original series and has international distribution since 2012.

Reel One

Reel One Entertainment produces and distributes television movies. It is one of the independent providers of Lifetime movies. Founded in 2001, it is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. It was established by Tom Berry. In addition to movies, Reel One also produces and distributes television series. Its movies are geared towards children, families, and couples.

Reel One is a Canadian television film and series distributor with offices in London and Los Angeles. The company focuses on providing quality content to television stations around the world. Its current slate of television movies ranges from Christmas movies to crime thrillers to romantic dramas. It also produces original series.

The company recently partnered with Cartel, an independent production and distribution company, to create movies for television. The two companies will develop 40 new movies over three years. The films will be available on television and in theaters. The films will include thrillers for Lifetime and TV channels. The Cartel will also distribute the movies produced by Reel One.

Reel World Entertainment has recently partnered with the Cartel to handle global distribution for 40 titles. In addition to the deal, Reel One will make investments in television series and movies. The company is already developing a sci-fi series based on Philip K Dick’s novella, Second Variety. The Cartel and Reel One have also partnered on a series about the life of the whiskey king Jack Daniel.

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