4 Reasons Why You Should Try Film Photography



Digital photography may be the most popular form of photography in today’s market, but, as the Wired notes, the influence and allure of film photography cannot be denied. Whether it’s new digital cameras that are designed to have that vintage look or photography applications on your phone that make your photos look like they came straight from the nineties, the aesthetic of film photography is still sort after today. Yet, if you really want to push yourself as a photographer then you should ditch the digital devices and invest in a film camera.
Below, we list down four reasons that will convince you to venture into film photography.

You’ll better understand how cameras work

If you want to take a deeper dive into the world of photography, film cameras can help you better understand the process of capturing an image. Unlike digital cameras, which are made up of circuit boards and don’t allow for a close inspection of the mechanical parts, film cameras, especially SLRs, can lets you see how a scene is turned into an image. When you open the door of a film camera and click on the shutter, you can manually observe key photography concepts such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. By learning how each part of the camera works you will gain a deeper knowledge of the art form and a deeper connection with your photos.

Equipment is cheap

The selection of beginner DSLRs on CNN highlights how most entry-level digital cameras can cost you a few hundred dollars. If you want to try film photography but don’t have the money to shell out for a digital camera, why not try using a disposable camera? For one, the wide variety of film cameras on Adorama demonstrates how you can get a disposable camera for less than $20. Despite not having the best specifications, these cameras are a great introduction to the art of film photography. In addition, you can scour thrift shops and flea markets for functional film cameras and film stocks. Unlike digital photography, film photography equipment is cheaper since most of the equipment you can find on the market is secondhand.

You’ll learn to be patient and mindful

With film photography, you won’t be able to see your photos immediately after clicking the shutter button. Before you can see your photos, you first have to finish your roll and have it scanned and developed. This teaches you to be more patient. And because every roll of film only has a limited number of shots, you’ll learn how to be more mindful of what you’re photographing. Shooting using film is not something that can be done on a whim. If you want to produce the best photos, you need to have a game plan and fully understand the ins and outs of film photography.

Post-processing is not Required

A lot of digital photographers today are trying to replicate the output of film cameras. The list of photography apps on South China Morning Post notes how more and more people are downloading apps such as Huji Cam and Calla Cam just to give their photos a vintage flair. So, why not shoot straight from film instead? There’s still a lot of film stock available that will produce vibrant and great photos that don’t require any more post-processing.

Hopefully, what we’ve discussed above has inspired you to explore the fun and exciting world of film photography. If you are asking yourself ‘Why Should I Opt for Photography as My Career?’ we have plenty of helpful insights and advice.

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