Otto Padron


Otto Padron is an executive at Univision. He was Vicepresident of Programacion before being promoted to Director. He served in the military before returning to Univision. He is currently married to Angelica Vale. He was previously married to Olga Vale. He is a former Marine.

Angelica Vale

Angelica Vale and Otto Padron are married in Mexico. They were married in 2010. They had two daughters together. They met in Times Square and immediately fell in love. The couple’s children are very similar to their mother. Otto Padron is a successful businessman, and Vale is a successful actress.

Despite being accused of molesting Angelica Vale, the couple are trying to keep their personal life out of the spotlight. Despite this, they’ve shared pictures of their children on social media. Angelica Vale has also recently bought her dream house in Los Angeles. They’re happy together, but it hasn’t been easy. They’ve faced rumors of separation and abuse, but the couple remains committed to each other.

Angelica Vale and Otto Padron have been married for ten years, but their love affair was not obvious when they met. The two met through mutual friends, and later fell in love. The couple met again, and were married. The couple’s relationship became stronger as time went on, and their children continue to be a part of each other’s lives.

Angelica Vale and Otto Padron had a baby shower in Los Angeles. The two were preparing for their second child together. The family’s life will change after the arrival of the new child. The new addition will change sleeping hours, eating habits and more.

Angelica Vale is a Mexican actress. She has appeared in film and television for more than three decades. She has also made voice-overs in many films. She also provided the voice for the animated movie Bibi. Vale grew up in a family of entertainers. Her father, Raul Vale, gave her acting roles even when she was a toddler. In 2011, Vale and Otto Padron tied the knot.

Angelica Vale and Otto Padron have a daughter, Carolyna Masiel. The couple has always supported the careers of their esposa, and Angelica Masiel joined their lives in Mentiras. When she was born, she was surrounded by stars.

Angelica Vale and Otto Padron have two children together. The first one was born prematurely on June 6, 2012. Angelica Masiel Padron Vale was born four weeks early. The second one was born four weeks later. The couple is also expecting a third child together.

Otto Padron

Otto Padron has over fifteen years of experience working in the media industry. He has held several positions of increasing responsibility, including Senior VP of Programming and Promotions. In this role, he oversees all domestic entertainment productions, operations, and key positioning strategies. He is also responsible for managing a $150 million annual budget and supervises over 300 employees.

A veteran of the United States Army, Padron has held positions in demanding active duty units. He is currently the Deputy Division Commander of the 91st Training Division, located in Fort Hunter-Liggett, California. His distinguished military service has earned him several awards, including the Bronze Star Medal. In addition, he holds the Combat Infantryman Badge and is a Master Parachutist.

Padron has an extensive background in the media industry and is a veteran of the Armed Forces. His experiences in both industries will prove beneficial to KWHY-TV and Meruelo Media Holdings. He served in Iraq as a Major and is passionate about his country and his profession.

Earlier in his career, Padron served in the United States military, serving from 1984 to 1988. While he was young, he served in the Iraq War. He then went on to work in the television industry, first as a producer ejecutive at Telemundo. In this position, he oversaw variety shows, dramas, and Panamerican games. Later, he was named Director of Programacion at Telemundo and later became its Director of Production.

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