Max Mara Fashion Campaign


The latest Max Mara fashion campaign is inspired by ethnic design. This time, the Italian fashion house chose the Oma ethnic group from northern Laos. These women embroider colorful designs onto their traditional clothing. Max Mara then digitally duplicated their designs and printed them on dresses, skirts and blouses. However, this time around, the brand didn’t acknowledge their original source. Instead, they launched the #MaxOma campaign, which is now a major trend in the fashion world.

The Max Mara fashion campaign includes photographs of models wearing the Italian clothing brand. The photographs were taken by Mario Sorrenti, an Italian photographer and director based in New York. The clothing is made from a combination of soft wool and alpaca or camel fibres on a silk base.

The Max Mara campaign is similar to similar campaigns by other clothing companies. Aside from Max Mara, other fur-free fashion companies include Stefanel, Guess, and Zara. The Max Mara campaign has gained global support and includes regular demonstrations and outreach with customers. It also calls for the boycott of Max Mara Fashion Group stores.

Max Mara fashion campaign explores a strong silhouette and playful contrasts. It explores the idea of outsize and skinny, as well as skinny and large, which promises a modern and sleek dressing aesthetic. The campaign promises a range of new styles that will stand out among the crowd.

The Max Mara Group has nine fashion brands and a network of over 2,500 stores. This includes more than 5,500 employees. The group also rolled out an employee app, allowing employees to stay connected to each other. The app also gives employees access to important company information. This makes the company’s employees more productive and happy.

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