Learning How to Draw a Rose Using 5 Simple Steps



Are you looking for some Rose Flower Drawing tips? Many people want to know how to draw a rose but are afraid of not knowing how to do it. You can learn how to draw a rose and you will be able to add this favorite flower to your portfolio. This article is going to explain how to draw a rose and give you some tips on other popular and easy to draw flowers.

Before actually beginning drawing a rose flower, it’s important to learn a few helpful facts regarding the rosebuds that will be involved in such exercises. Curved leaves are the white, curved outer covering that protects the rose bud before it opens up. As a rose opens up, the curved leaves turn down and can easily be obscured by the flower itself. The stem of the rose is straight and needs to be straight as well because if it isn’t the rose will bend in different directions. The Oval/ Oval shaped cut out is the most common shape used for this type of rose flower drawing.

  • One of the first things you should learn when learning how to draw a rose is how to draw a rose petal. Petals are simply the individual rose’s hairs that are hanging down. When a rose opens up its petals fall down in an elegant waterfall type fashion. You need to remember that this is all done with the beauty in mind and you don’t want to have any extra flowers on the drawing board that aren’t needed.
  • The next tip to follow when learning how to draw a rose is to learn to create a perspective drawing. Perspective drawings are great for helping beginners to create more appealing drawings. When you draw with an appropriate perspective, everything looks bigger. This is perfect for starting out as it can give you a greater understanding of how to draw roses and help you create better rose flower drawings.
  • The third step to follow when learning how to draw a rose flower is learning how to bring everything together. In order to do this, you must place everything in proportion. First, determine how high your nose should be and how far your shoulders should extend. Then determine how wide your arms should be and how much chin rest is needed. Remember to keep everything consistent because this is what will help create a more accurate sketch.
  • The fourth step-by-step drawing tutorial that you should follow for beginners is to highlight strong features of each rose petal. You should do this by coloring the tip of every petal with the color of the flower that it belongs to. When you have finished doing so, look at the tip of each petal and remember to place it exactly on the tip of the rose flower drawing. After that, make sure to follow through by placing all of the remaining petals on top of the tip that you first started with. Once you have colored everything according to how you want them to look, you can finish off by adding a small amount of light purple ink to the tip of each rose petal.
  • The fifth step to follow when learning how to draw a rose flower step-by-step is to apply varying degrees of shading to the drawing. Shading is necessary because you are trying to make the drawing look realistic. There are several ways that you can accomplish this task. You can use dark and light shaded drawings, using highlights or using the flat look.
  • The final step to learn how to draw a rose is to complete the petals with leaves. To do this, you should begin by tracing the outline of the rose on the paper. Then, create a straight line to mark the top of the leaf by drawing two straight lines down the middle. You can use either pencil or markers in order to complete this step.

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