Learn How to Draw Cats in Five Easy Steps



Cat face drawing is one of the most fun things you can do with your cat. There’s a great many things to think about, when you narrow your cat-drawing tutorial search to just the cat itself. From funny cat cartoons to how they’re sitting, standing, or lying down, your info comes running again. So let’s take a look at some of your other options, while still keeping your cat at the center of your mind.

  • The First Step is always the hardest: actually drawing the cat. This step may be hard for you if you’re a beginner, but it’s definitely one of the most fun steps! With your sketchbook, mark off the head and the legs on separate pieces of paper, making sure you label them clearly. Once you have a good idea of how the rest of the body fits together, it’s time to move onto step 8, which is a little bit different than your typical cat face sketching.

  • The Second Step in this guide on how to draw a cat is to draw the jagged fur using a hard pencil. Make a rough sketch first using just a few loose jagged lines. Don ‘t worry if the lines are a little wavy or wobbly. You’ll work through it eventually. As you get more comfortable with this rough sketch, just add more loose fur, so that you have more of an idea of the general shape of the cat.
  • Step Three is to add the more detailed face of your cat, using varying degrees of curved lines and shading. Don ‘t worry if you get it wrong; just do the best you can. If there are a few parts of the face you aren’t happy with, just erase those portions and start over. You can always come back to it later.

  • Step Four, which is probably the most important part, is to draw the actual nose. This is also the time to add any cute features you want. Add a little curl at the tip of your nose, a little nostril and lips. Curve the tip of your nose a little for extra realism. Using a straight edge, trace around the outside of your cat’s nose, making sure to keep a straight line going through the middle of your nose.
  • To finish off the tutorial Step Five on how to draw cats, draw a short whisker and put it at the tip of your cat’s nose. Use a very light touch and make sure your fur is even. Curve the whisker upwards, following the natural fold of the cat face. This should give you a beautiful picture of your cat’s face.

If you are struggling with some of these steps, there is another option. There is a great tutorial available on how to draw cats in five easy steps. It doesn’t take long to read or to follow, and it offers you a complete list of supplies you need to get started. Even better, the tutorial comes with a digital download so you don’t have to worry about buying anything extra. If you follow the instructions correctly, you can draw your feline in no time at all.

That’s it! The tutorial has taught you the basics and you’re ready to start making your own unique drawings. The only part left to do is to add a little personality to your cat face. You can draw her ears, eyes, a little tuft of fur around her neck, and of course her whiskers. Get creative, take a look at cat face books, go online and search for feline photos, and remember, don’t forget the whiskers! Good luck with your cute cat face drawings.

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