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Learn About the Features You Should Consider When Buying an LMS for Your Organization

BusinessLearn About the Features You Should Consider When Buying an LMS for Your Organization

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Every LMS (Learning Management System) comes with distinct features. Some have standard features and some LMSs are loaded with premium features. With the help of the right and the best LMS, you can go a long way and create effective learning and training programs.

Getting your organization an effective LMS that helps in upskilling, remote training, onboarding, etc has become vital now. LMS can help the employees feel secure within the organization and confident while working, this increases the employee retention rate and discourages the employees to resign and leave their job.

What does LMS do?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is cloud-based software that supports businesses to deliver their training and learning course content. The learners can find their eLearning courses at one location, making them easy to use and access. The training managers create and upload the training content on an LMS that is accessed by the learners. LMS assists in streamlining the delivery of the training content and tracking your learner’s growth.

Sourcing the best LMS vendors is of utmost importance to make your training run smoothly. We have mentioned below some of the most important features you need to consider before you buy an LMS for your organization.

1) SCORM and xAPI Compliant

SCORM – Sharable Content Object Reference Model, if your LMS is SCORM compliant, you can buy courses from a third-party vendor and upload it on your LMS. This process helps in saving a lot of time and money, as you can use the same course multiple times without investing time and money for course creation. xAPI lets the training managers collect data about the learner’s online and offline experience. Choosing an LMS with these features will let you achieve interoperability, consistency, and compatibility.

2) Scalability

Your organization grows and usually, along with that, the number of employees also grows. When you choose an LMS with a scalability feature you will not have to change or upgrade your LMS every time your team grows. Choosing an LMS with this feature lets focus on where you want to be rather than where you are.

3) Gamification

Gamification feature helps in increasing engagement along with employee retention. Gamification in LMS has become a standard that helps to increase the engagement of your employees with your course content and also helps in retaining the knowledge they are provided through the course. The employees are motivated and encouraged to take part in the quizzes, which helps them get rewarded and earn points and badges, and the learners can see their names on the leaderboards. The learners are even moved to a higher level when they earn certain points; this process creates a positive learning experience.

4) Reporting and Analytics

When you get proper and detailed insights, you can improve your course content. This feature helps you to look at how your learners are interacting with your courses. You can check your learner’s scores and grades, you can even check the course completion rates and analyze the potential issues which might stop the learners from completing the course. The learners can even share their feedback and the trainers can improvise the course content based on their feedback. Reporting is the most important LMS feature as it showcases the survey responses, exam results, learner’s progress, etc.

5) Personalized User Experience along with Easy Interface

The LMS must be able to provide content based on the learners browsing history within the software. For example – if the learner is a sales rep and looks for more sales content, LMS must be able to offer content related to sales training. The LMS must also provide courses that help the learners to focus more on their improvement areas. Moreover, the user interface of the LMS must be intuitive. It must offer easy navigation without much mental effort. This will help in increasing the user interaction with the course content.

You should follow the latest trends to always be on top. There are many more features you can choose for your LMS that will make it more effective and efficient for your organization. Choosing an LMS mobile will make the training go mobile for your workforce. We recommend you do full research and shortlist the LMS vendors that offer the best features along with the most affordable pricing model. Analyze the features, and how they will benefit your organization.

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