KQ Entertainment


KQ Entertainment is an organization that puts independent artists at the forefront of its brand. Its merchandise is designed by independent artists and printed on quality products in a socially responsible way. This means that every purchase puts money back into the hands of the artist. Its managers are also very supportive and caring. This enables their idols to feel supported and loved. In addition, Kq Entertainment also supports social causes. They have a very low staff turnover rate and make sure that every member of staff is treated fairly.

The company was formed in 2016 by Kim Gyu-uk and has two record labels. One label is Seven Seasons, which only releases music by Block B, and the other is KQ Produce, which releases songs by singer-songwriters. The company also manages a production label called KQ Pro, which has a broader focus on music.

KQ also has an eight-piece act called Ateez. Its members include Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, and Yeosang. Jongho also sings with the group. Its visuals are stunning, and the group is a sensation at concerts.

The label also released solo portraits of the group’s members. The label also released an interview with one member, the oldest member of the group, Kim Minjae. He is 20 years old and has already received attention from fans. In fact, his introductory video is filled with questions about his personality. This will help the public get to know him better. If you have never heard of Minjae, this is the time to start listening to his music.

KQ Entertainment is the company that represents ATEEZ, EDEN, and Maddox. Before their debut, the group was known as KQ Fellaz. The group is renaming them KQ Fellaz 2. The second group is called KQ Fellaz 2. The company has already introduced two trainees for the new group.

Lee Yechan, Jung Yujun, and Choi Sumin are trainees under KQ Entertainment. All three are expected to make their debut in KQ Fellaz 2. Lee Yechan gained popularity in MBC’s survival show. Although she did not make the debut in 1the9 due to Covid-19, she will likely make it in KQ Fellaz 2.

In the first year of their career, Block B members only get small amounts of money. This is because of the “trainee debts” that they incur. Block B’s agency Seven Seasons is a sub-company of KQ Entertainment. Heo Young Saeng is also a member of KQ. However, Block B was launched in February 2011. The agency’s activities continued for almost two years. However, Block B filed a lawsuit against STARDOM ENTERTAINMENT in January 2013.

KQ Entertainment is a music management company that manages both idol groups and singer-songwriters. It also has two sub-labels, Seven Seasons and KQ Produce. The latter is dedicated to the management of singer-songwriters. In addition, the company is also responsible for the management of Block B.

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