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Amazon offers a range of high-paying fashion careers. With the popularity of celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Leighton Meester and Nicole Ritchie, many people want to be part of the Hollywood scene. It also attracts thousands of well-paid fashion designers, tailors and merchandisers. The most famous areas in which to work include apparel and fashion design, fashion marketing, fashion management and fashion distribution. Here’s a short selection of the most popular high-paying fashion jobs, with their essential responsibilities and target salaries.

Designers are artists who create new ideas and concepts. Their work is sold on the basis of their vision, talent and skills. Fashion designers usually plan and coordinate ensembles to enhance the appearance of clothes or promote the sale of existing clothes. They can choose clothes for television, film and magazine shoots, ad campaigns or fashion shows made by celebrities. The National Association of Manufacturers or the NAM is the largest group of American manufacturers of fashion clothing and accessories. The NAM supplies lists of its member fashion designers, with each designer receiving an annual salary.

Fashion marketing specialists make decisions concerning what the fashion industry will look like in the future. They consult with customers and other people in the industry and make decisions about what will be sold and what will not. They have the power to set the trend for new trends in clothing by choosing what will be in vogue and what will not be. Consultants consult with department stores, manufacturers and retailers to decide what is popular, what is profitable and what will appeal to consumers.

Fashion merchandising assistants are in charge of handing over clothing, shoes and accessories to wholesalers and manufacturers who are in need of them for resale purposes. Their salary may vary depending on the amount of work they do and the kind of employers they work for. Their primary duties include counting the money spent on wholesale clothing and accessories, counting and evaluating refunds and changes of stocks and overseeing all duties concerning sales. The most common jobs for fashion merchandisers are at discount stores, department stores and malls. They also have some responsibilities which include taking samples and photos of clothing, receiving payments and taking directions from store managers and manufacturers.

Retail department stores employ sales personnel whose job it is to handle the buying and inventory of goods. Their salary ranges from a minimum of $12 an hour to a maximum of forty-eight dollars an hour. Their primary duties include counting the money spent on merchandise, handling credit cards and ensuring that merchandise reaches its customers on time. Jobs in retail are extremely profitable and also glamorous. Amazon has been a very successful company in the retail industry and employs many people in various departments such as head sales representatives, department managers and regional managers.

In the fashion industry, the creative director is responsible for coming up with new ideas and concepts for promoting and advertising the products of a company. They usually don’t create the clothes themselves, but are involved in every step of the process from brainstorming to the final product. There are many creative directors for different companies across the United States of America. The national average salary for this position is between twenty-five and thirty-two thousand dollars per year.

A merchandising associate is responsible for the sales and customer service departments of a retailer. Their responsibilities include receiving, assessing and evaluating returns, helping to develop marketing strategies and assisting the store owners in the planning and execution of marketing campaigns. The national average salary for this position is between eighteen and twenty-four thousand dollars per year. Job duties may include checking shoe sizes, checking customer inventories, conducting market research, preparing the sales floor for the busy season and training employees in all aspects of the sales process. Having a degree in fashion merchandising can help boost these salaries considerably.

Amazon fulfillment jobs entail fulfilling orders and assisting customers with their purchases through the company’s website or its mobile devices. Some primary duties include keeping inventory of the products available, answering customer inquiries, tracking delivery progress and processing returns. There are many seasonal job openings at Amazon for those who wish to work at this establishment.

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