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Graphic facilitation is a method of facilitating meetings, conferences, and workshops. It uses a combination of graphics, pictures, and writing to stimulate discussion and improve communication. In a typical meeting, participants will be able to quickly understand the purpose of a picture or diagram. With the right software, you can even record a graphic recording of the meeting. Below are some ways to use graphic facilitation in your next meeting. Read on to learn more.

First, try visualizing the information you’re trying to communicate. Studies have shown that we retain 80 percent of what we hear and only ten percent of what we read. This means that we’re more likely to remember a drawing of a tower crane than the words “build support.” If you’re having trouble deciding which images to use, try combining several different types of graphics to create a more effective recording. It’s easier to recall the image of a crane versus the words “build support.”

Using a graphic recording can also make your meeting more memorable. It helps to make your meeting more memorable by sharing the recorded information with others and serving as a group memory. Aside from facilitating connection, this method also allows you to share your brainstorming session and keynote presentations with colleagues and clients. Besides creating a visible visual record of the proceedings, it allows you to make your audience aware of the richness of your discussions. It also helps you create a lasting memory of the meeting, which will be invaluable to future meetings and conferences.

While it is essential to have a visual record of any discussion, graphic recording doesn’t work for everyone. You can have a visual template of the meeting before you start using it. A visual template will improve the group’s work and help the facilitator make better decisions. In addition to being visually interesting, graphic recording is a valuable technique to reinforce shared understanding among participants. It’s important to realize, however, that not all learning styles are the same. It’s crucial to match your learning styles and methods of visual capture with your facilitator.

A graphic recording can be created on a paper-based board. This form of visual recording is more engaging than a traditional audio-only recording. It allows the audience to see and touch the images and reinforces big ideas. Unlike a traditional audio-only recording, a graphic recording does not require a microphone. Instead, it simply provides a visual record of the events. You can even send it to your audience’s social media accounts.

Using a graphic recording to capture ideas and convey key messages is a great way to increase the clarity of your thoughts. It is a great way to clarify ideas and keep focus on the content. It is a powerful tool to keep the conversation alive and make difficult to understand ideas more accessible. It can also be used to illustrate the impact of a product. There are several benefits to using a graphic recorder during a meeting.


A graphic recorder can be used for any large-scale surface. It allows you to easily capture the main points of a conversation. A graphic recording can enhance the facilitated discussion and deepen understanding of new concepts. Most businesses spend a lot of time in planning meetings, so it’s essential to use a graphic recorder to capture key points during the meeting. You should also consider the level of experience of the participant. Many people are visual learners, so a video recording is a good choice for this type of presentation.

A video recorder can be used in the same way as a graphic recorder. A good video recorder will be able to stay connected for hours and even days without an external power source. A video recorder can also be used for audio recordings. It can be an excellent tool for video and podcasts. A video recorder can also be used to record audio from a podcast. This type of recording allows people to capture a conversation in the context of a large screen.

Graphic recording can be used in a variety of situations, such as meetings. A video recorder can help facilitate conversations that may otherwise not be possible, and a conference video recorder can also help participants engage in group processes. This method is also effective for brainstorming and building connections. Whether you’re planning a meeting or a gallery walk, a graphic recording can help you achieve both. And the process of creating a film can take as long as a single meeting.

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