How to Use a Sketch Mirror in OS X Yosemite



Sketch mirror is a new innovative tool for iPad users. It works with your iSight or front-facing camera, so you can see your sketches on the go. Sketch mirror is designed to be used by artists of all skill levels. By using your iPhone, iPad, or even a webcam, you are able to view your sketches in high definition.

Sketch mirror allows you to preview your sketch designs on your iPad. You simply swipe your device from your Mac to connect to it on your iPad, then tap to zoom in or out. You can either add more brushes or change the color. Sketch mirror scales up or down intelligently to match the actual screen resolution of your iOS device, so you can zoom in or out of small details. You can also use various pinch gestures to zoom and move quickly through the sketch mirror.

There are several different ways to trigger the sketch mirror command, including double tapping the Home key, tapping anywhere on the Home button, tapping the screen with your finger, tapping your forehead, or tapping anywhere on the screen. The mirror will also appear above your sketches if your iPhone has a multi-touch display. To preview your work, you can simply tap the sketch border in the toolbar. There are also a number of brush styles to choose from, and you can easily switch between them using the tap and drag functions.

Apple has really optimized its drawing application to work well with the smaller form factor of the latest Apple devices. Although they still have a large touch sensitive screen, it is smaller than what is used on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. They also streamlined the drawing tools to fit into a more compact space. It is probably a good thing that they did this because there are many apps that currently make use of the sketch mirror feature of the iPod Touch. Unfortunately, not all of them take advantage of the multi-touch functionality. I am happy to report that Sketchbook Pro works perfectly on the new Apple iPod Touch.

Not every app uses the multi-touch functionality of the mirror, however. For example, there is no way to preview an image on the screen of a larger size, like a poster or on the screen of an iPhone or iPad. The built-in mirror in OS X Yosemite does not work in this case. Instead, you have to open the Preview option from the main menu and click the Shared Scrap button. Then, select the Large Scrap tab. If you tap the + sign next to the ‘+’ sign, you will open a browser where you can select the URL of the image you want to extract.

You can do the same with the other two ios devices, except for the iPhone. The built-in mirror in OS X Yosemite does not support this feature yet, so you have to use the web browser for the time being. If you try to view an image in Safari while the mirror is open in the background, however, it will be displayed as a regular picture instead of as an ioselection. In addition, if you switch between Safari and the Preview window using the buttons on the top right of the main toolbar, the images will not be displayed correctly. However, this is a minor annoyance of trying to view images in the background.

SketchBook Pro enables one Mac client to access several images at once, and you can even change one of the images while the other is still in the process of loading. This is a great feature for someone who uses a computer and works on multiple projects at the same time. You can switch between multiple sketches as you experiment on different images using the built in tools. When you switch back to your image viewer in the background, everything will be refreshed and you can continue working.

Sketch mirror in OS X Yosemite is just another example of how Apple has been improving the overall user experience on their operating systems. One thing that users do not expect when they go into a new operating system is new additions to the default applications, and Sketch mirror is one such addition. With a simple click, you will be able to open a sketch in your default Sketchbook application and use it across multiple different macs. This is a welcome improvement for those who use multiple macs and wish to take advantage of the best of both worlds.

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