How to Unlock a Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger


Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger are new NPCs that you can battle and earn rewards for. These trendy Pokemon can be found outside PokeStops and will appear in the game every few days. You can challenge them by tapping on them or by using strong Pokemon that can survive their attacks. This is the second time this type of Pokemon has been added to the game.

Fashion Challengers will show up during Fashion Week, but you can’t just go up to them and fight them. There are specific ways to defeat them and complete Timed Research tasks. Here are the different ways to find a Fashion Challenger. And don’t forget to check out their new Fashion Week appearance! It’s an exciting new way to spend your time in Pokemon GO! There are even special items you can earn from them.

When you have your Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger you can use their best moves to defeat the challenger. You will need to use the Pokemon with the best colors that match the team colors. You should also be sure to heal your Pokemon after the battle so you can be sure they will be strong and resilient.

While you may feel like the only way to defeat a Fashion Challenger is to defeat a team of Pokemon. But don’t worry, this is not a difficult task. With a strong Legendary or Psudo-Legendary of any type, you should be able to beat them with relative ease. The fashion challenger is a great way to get some extra help. You can even beat them with Stardust, Max Revives, and Poke Balls.

Another method to unlock a Fashion Challenger is by completing Timed Research in the game. These quests will reward you with a hat and themed Pokemon. The Fashion Challenger will be available only for a week, so don’t wait too long before you try them. They can be an excellent way to earn rewards in Pokemon GO. Just make sure you take up a Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger before the event ends to avoid disappointment.

You can also catch a Fashion Challenger by visiting PokeStops in the game. You will be able to spot them from a distance by observing the trembling cube on top of the PokeStop. It will start shaking, which means a Fashion Challenger is present. If you see one of these challengers, you can start a battle with it by using the best Pokemon.

Getting a Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger is a great way to earn special rewards, such as a Furfrou Wig or the chance to earn a Furfrou Wig. During Fashion Week, you can also complete research assignments and acquire special pokemons. But to really earn rewards, you must defeat a fashion challenger. And for this, you need a strong pokemon that can survive the challenge.

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