How to Make a Smokey Old Fashion


If you love classic cocktails, you might love a smokey old fashion. It’s a drink made with port, Grand Marnier and smoked whiskey. It’s served in a rocks glass and smoked once before serving. Typically, applewood and hickory smoke are used, and the result is a peaty flavor. This drink is served on the rocks glass, so you can get the most flavor out of it.

Making a smokey Old Fashion is easy to do, but it requires a little bit of practice. It’s important to add the appropriate amount of smoke to the drink. Smoking an Old Fashioned should take approximately 2 minutes. It’s also important to use a cigarette-lighter in order to get the best flavor.

The smoked Old Fashioned has a unique flavor. Its name comes from the fact that bartenders used to add a little smoke to their drinks. In addition to bourbon, you can also choose to add other ingredients to your drink. You can also add a cherry or orange slice as garnish.

Another way to make a smokey Old Fashion is to muddle wood chips in the drink. You can do this by placing them on a fire-safe surface. You can also muddle sugar cubes with other flavors, such as chocolate, honey, cranberry, orange, or orange bitters. These garnishes not only add visual appeal, but they also enhance the overall experience of drinking a smoked old-fashioned.

When making a smokey old fashioned, you can use bourbon in a decanter or large glass pitcher. You’ll want to smoke the bourbon for a few minutes. Once the smoke has cleared, you can pour the bourbon-based cocktail into the glass and add garnishes. Depending on the style of drink you’re serving, you may also want to use scotch or rye whiskey.

Smoked Old Fashions are easy to prepare. The first step is to make the cocktail using a separate mixing glass. Adding the smoke from the cocktail smoker will add extra flavor and visual appeal to the drink. A smokey Old Fashion can be made with different bitters, such as Angostura. Scrappy’s bitters are another option. If you’re looking for something a little more fancy, you can also try an Oaxaca Old Fashion.

If you’re a beginner bartender and don’t have a smoker or grill, you can still make a smokey Old Fashion at home. First, make a simple syrup, which is 1 part water and one part sugar. In the meantime, cook a rosemary sprig in the simple syrup. It will keep in the refrigerator for a few days and can serve as a great cocktail.

Next, add a dash of hickory smoke to your drink. The smoked flavor makes it perfect for cocktails, with hints of smokiness throughout each swallow. This cocktail is easy to prepare and is a crowd favorite. It is a classic American drink made with bourbon, sugar, bitters and water. You can order the classic Old Fashioned on the rocks or serve it over ice.

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