How to Find the Perfect Name for Your Fashion Company

fashion company
fashion company

fashion company

Fashion is an essential aspect of modern society, and no matter what level of the industry you work in, whether it’s raw material manufacturing, design and manufacture of fashion products; retail sales; or even marketing, the fashion industry is green and fruitful.

But, unfortunately, despite the fact that hundreds of entrepreneurs and new companies dive into the fashion industry each year, only a tiny percentage of these brands stay afloat, achieve their goals and leave a lasting impression on the market.

You might be asking why this is the situation. The answer is simple. Among other things, most founders don’t take the time to discover the perfect name for their company. In an industry where first impressions are key, starting your brand with a generic name is a guaranteed step to fail. 
And if you’re thinking about starting your fashion brand sometime soon, here’s how to come up with the best brand name.

Four Trusted Steps to Finding the Perfect Fashion Brand Name

fashion name

  1. Envision Your Fashion Company

Before you begin searching for a memorable name, you should have a clear mental picture of what you want your fashion brand to be in the future. This understanding will shape every concept you build for your business. 
Also, gather all of the information you can about your brand’s niche and the fashion industry because it’d make it easier to find a name that embodies all areas of your brand.

However, while researching, don’t disregard your competitor’s brand, products, services, and marketing plan. This way, you can easily tell what works, what doesn’t, and what it takes to attract your target audience. 
Now it’s time to concentrate on the ideas you’ve gathered and select a few that best suit your brand’s primary principles.

       2. Select a Captivating Brand Tone

One sure way to choose a name that represents your company’s fundamental values is to make sure it has the suitable tone that will elicit a favorable reaction in your target audience. 
Begin by studying your target clients to see what distinguishing features will entice them to do business with you. Knowing your customers allows you to easily establish if your brand’s tone should be:

  • Fun and playful like Sunday Energy
  • Amiable and inviting like Luv AJ
  • Pragmatic and practical like Sincerely Silver

3. Understand Your Company’s Branding Elements 
Although your brand’s tone is critical, it’s the branding elements of your company that hold the foundation of your brand’s identity. Knowing these elements would make it easier to express your brand’s true personality and identity.  So, grab a pen and paper and jot down your opinions about your company’s:

  • Big ideas: What are the core principles guiding your fashion company?
  • Values: What values does your brand hold? 
  • Value proposition: Why should people patronize your brand?

When naming your fashion company, don’t dwell on your brand’s operations, the pricey cutting-edge technology you use, or the fact that your store is neatly designed.
Instead, focus on the fine elements of your brand like your goal; how you’re growing your company so people can appreciate the little things in life; your vision; bringing the world closer to specially crafted attire, rare gems, and enchanting jewelry; and your value; elegant styles, affordable prices, and teamwork. Details like these will bring you closer to the best name for your company.

4. Create Your Naming Criteria and Start Brainstorming

The steps we’ve shown you above would make it easier to create the naming criteria for your brand. Your naming criteria will offer you a clear idea of what the best name for your brand would be. Now that you’ve established your naming criteria, it’s time to get creative and start brainstorming.
Look through dictionaries and thesauruses for words that satisfy the naming requirements for your brand. Make a list of words that are short, compelling, creative, memorable, or symbolic and can help your brand stand out in the industry. The idea here is to create a robust list of prospective brand names. However, if brainstorming becomes too difficult and time-consuming, you can always use a powerful business name generator to generate unique brand name ideas.

Be Bold and Daring

While searching for the perfect name for your brand, always keep in mind that fortune favors fashion companies with bold and exciting words. Why? Because catchy names like Nike and Urban Decay are easy to remember. These names provoke pleasant feelings in customers, and those sentiments can often turn them into devoted customers.

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