How to Export Figma To Sketch



There are two ways for you to go about exporting Figma to Sketchbook. You will be able to choose whichever one you like best. Here are the basic details of both methods. Just take a look at these tips, and you will surely be able to do it in no time at all.

o Using Adobe’s Design Printer. First, you have to know that there are different types of Adobe software programs. Some software programs are specifically made for designers, and they are also called as design tools. The main reason why you need to learn how to export figma to sketch from this specific program is because it is only made for designers, so if you want to create a product that is going to appeal to the mass market, then you better export figma to sketch with this software tool.

o Using an export to Sketchbook software. After learning how to export figma to sketchbook, the next thing that you have to do is to use this software program to export your sketch. There are various types of export to Sketchbook software programs that are out in the market today. However, the best ones that are worth trying out are those that allow you to save your sketch as an EPS or PDF file.

When these two options are combined, the end result is really something spectacular. Basically, what happens here is that you have a hard copy sketch of your design. This is then converted into a PDF or other popular file format. However, before you get excited about all that has just happened, let me explain the process of manually adjusting your sketch in the Adobe sketch export settings.

o Selecting the right tools. The final step that you have to take care of is to upload your sketch in either PSD to JPEG or Png jpg formats. This is actually a personal preference. In fact, I strongly suggest using both these formats (the one you are going to upload in the steps above) since they offer high-fidelity prototypes with a lot of details. You can also choose to upload the sketch as an EPS or PDF but personally, I personally recommend exporting to the aforementioned two most popular formats so that you can save your work as an actual physical file.

If you want to know why, here is the reason behind it: exporting PSD to JPEG and Png has its limitations. First off, there is a limitation on how every layer will be exported. Every single layer has its own unique URL which is created by simply dragging and dropping each layer in the layers palette until you find the perfect spot where the URL will collide with another element.

The second limitation is that you are limited to exporting a single channel. You are not able to export the sketch as an image since that would defeat the purpose of using the PSD to Sketch wizard since you are trying to duplicate a design. That’s the whole point of using this design tool – to duplicate a design. By the way, did you notice that the figma widget that comes with your figma theme actually allows you to export a diagram in the form of an image? Well, that is because the Widget allows you to export to JPEG and Png and among the two options, JPEG comes out on top.

If you want to learn how to export Figma to Sketch, I highly recommend that you look into the two options above. Once you learn the advantages and disadvantages of each option, then you can easily pick the one that works best for you and your needs. However, whichever option you choose, please do not forget that saving as many images as possible is still a very important thing so do not rush this step. Just take your time and take a deep breath before you begin your journey to learning how to export your designs to or files.

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