How To Draw Trees – 6 Easy Steps For Beginners To Draw Trees



Cartoon trees are just one of the simplest things to draw. They are a great way to start learning how to draw trees. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of drawing, it’s easy to add detail, color and shape. Once you’ve mastered these basics, you can begin experimenting with more complex trees and tree elements. But before you begin experimenting, let’s begin with four simple steps to building trees. These are:

Choose a good pencil or pencils drawing paper and prepare to draw. This is especially important if you’re going to attempt a complex tree. The most important aspect of drawing a tree is to choose the right background and tooling. Once you’ve got these things set up, you’re ready to move on to some fun drawing tips.

Begin by learning how to draw a Christmas tree. You’ll need a few simple tools: two colors of pencils, two paper, some paper bags, and a pencil. These items are all common enough that you should already have them in your home, but here’s an easy drawing tutorial that will show you how to choose and use them properly.

Start by drawing the tree as a solid color. You can add texture using a little bit of black paint and a few drops of water. When you’re done, simply fill in the details of your tree. Black pencil makes for easier drawing because it doesn’t bleed, so you can easily make the branches and leaves pop out. If you want, you can also add texture using different colors of paint and water.

Step Four: Now that your tree is smooth and solid, it’s time to do a couple of details. Draw a few circles on your paper to give your tree a bit of dimension. Next, draw a few thin vertical lines to separate the larger branches from the ground. The last thing you need to do is draw a few thinner horizontal lines to demarcate the edges between the smaller branches. Continue this process with the smaller branches and the ground. Finally, add a little bit of black to give your tree the darkness that will stand out against the lighter background.

Step Five: Now that everything is drawn out and you’ve got your basic tree in place, it’s time to learn how to draw a tree in more detail. Add more detail to your drawing by shadings and adding a light color to the lighter green or brown areas. Use contrasting shades for the darker areas of your drawing. Remember that all you’re doing is building on the foundation you have already laid, so don’t add too much new detail unless you feel it is necessary.

Step Six: Now that your tree has smooth and solid bark, draw two vertical lines down the side starting at the bottom and going to the top. Make sure you draw a straight line from the top to the bottom and two curved lines at the bottom that match the ones drawn for the bark. Now draw two curved lines going from top to bottom going two times the width of your trunk. These will become the sides of your trunk.

Learning how to draw trees isn’t as difficult as you may think. It just takes some time and patience. And now that you know how to draw a tree, try some other ideas like trunk shapes, how to draw a trunk with many branches, and how to draw a tree free form. Go online and check out some of the amazing tutorials that are available for beginners to create their own art.

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