How to Draw Lips – In 3-Quarter View

How to Draw Lips
How to Draw Lips

How to Draw Lips

In this cool animated drawing lesson from cheri, you learn how to draw perfect full lips using many shading and coloring tips. Perfect lips of girls differ in sizes, shapes and different methods are employed to draw every one of them. Some of the most commonly used tools in this tutorial are; pens, markers, stickers, crayons, magic pens and highlighters. Also, the lipstick colors and shades are explained and it is easier to identify them with just a few examples.

For easy drawing lips tip, firstly, you need to have a good understanding of the three parts of the lip and its function. The three sections are; inside corner, middle part and the outer surface. To easily understand the anatomy of the lips, a three-quarters view of it is shown and the shading used is shown as circles and tan, lines are dashed black and if it has a lip line, then it shows the outline of the lip.

This cool animated drawing step by step tutorial is for those who do not want to spend weeks or months on practicing. Lip shading is easy and any person can do it without any trouble. You can learn this at any time and place. It is an art and anyone can become good at it. The main purpose of this drawing is to emphasize the importance and use of all the tools.

The steps for drawing a perfect smile are very easy. The first thing to be done is to outline the mouth. The easiest way to do this is by using the pencils and markers provided. The drawing should be done according to the shape of the lips. You can start drawing the uppermost part of the lip first and then the rest of the lips.

The next step is to mark the right side of the mouth. A straight line drawn across the top of the jaw can help you to see the right side clearly. Now draw a line inside the mouth and along the top of the teeth. The inside of the right lip should be similar to the inside of the left one. This makes it easier to get the right shade of color.

For the lower part of the lips, draw a line inside the mouth from corner to corner. The inside of the lower lip should look like the outside of the lower part of the mouth. For a clearer view of how it should look, hold your hand close to your chin and move your mouth in the same way as you would when you are smiling. The same procedure should be followed for the upper part of your lips. For a better view, you can raise your lips slightly and see how they look from above.

Now, draw lines inside each individual lip. You will notice that these lines join to form an imaginary triangular area of color surrounding each individual lip. If you want to know how to draw lips more professionally, use the help of a gloss. Glosses usually come in two types: dry erase and wet erase.

You can create a smooth transition between the dry erase and the wet erase shades by starting with the bottom lip drawing. Use a light shade of your favorite color to draw along the top of the triangle of your top lip color. Next, use a darker shade to draw along the bottom of the triangle of your bottom lip color. Finally, use a lighter shade to draw the top of your triangle inside your bottom lip drawing, and blend this line with your existing shades of color to create a smooth transition.

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