How to Draw Cartridges, Shapes and Simple Forms



If you are looking for some easy drawing ideas that can help you get started learning to draw then this article is for you. Many people try to get started drawing cartoon characters as a child but this is usually the last thing you think of when asked to learn to draw. There are some wonderful easy ideas that you can use to get you started in learning to draw, which you should take advantage of. There are some wonderful drawing websites that can offer some fantastic drawing tips and ideas. These ideas can be used to inspire and motivate you to begin your journey to learning how to draw.

The Internet offers many easy drawing ideas that can help you improve your drawing skills. You only have to go online and look through the many drawing tutorials to see the wide range of tutorials available to you. You will be able to find tutorials on how to draw various things including animals, people, cars, cartoons, faces, landscape, nature and more. Look right around your closet to see an aged pair of tennis shoes that are faded.

A lamp shade can make a great lampshade if you take the time to search around for one. Finding one doesn’t have to be difficult though. Just because it is faded doesn’t mean it isn’t a great lamp shade. You can find one by searching through a large collection of lamp shades. Look for a classic color or theme such as taupe, gray, white and beige among other classic colors. If you are having trouble locating a shade that suits your taste then you can always ask others that may have used a particular shade.

Easy Drawing Ideas inspired by Scrapbooking Imagine what a beautiful masterpiece you can create when you use your imagination to pull out some of your scrapbooking imagination. With a pen and a piece of paper, you can create a variety of easy to follow, easy to use shapes and freehand drawings. These simple shapes can be used for a variety of things including freehand portraits, flower designs, animals and more. With some practice and patience, you can start to develop your own unique style of scrapbooking.

Free sketches of Classic Scrapbooking Subjects One of the best ways to bring out your own creativity is to use your imagination to create unique and challenging free sketches. There are endless possibilities when you are able to explore your imagination. Many of the traditional subjects such as landscapes, portraits, favorite foods, and so much more can be easily tackled using your sketchbook. The trick is to be able to work within the guidelines of a particular project or theme that you are working on. This can easily be done by browsing the vast world of classic scrapbooking subjects.

Inspiration at Your Service Here is a lesson that may seem obvious, but I see many people struggling with this. You need to get your inspiration directly from the page. Whether you are sketching out a grocery list, a rough draft for your new startup business, or anything in between, you need to constantly be pulling out your sketch pad and picking out ideas for your projects. This is how you will build up your sketches into a portfolio that can be the basis for future projects and sales.

Simple Forms Are the Way to Go When you find yourself having trouble getting your inspiration going, it may sound like this is a difficult task. However, in actuality, it’s anything but all that hard. By using basic shapes and simple forms, you can easily turn an average sketch into an amazing one. For example, by adding a straight line across a simple oval shape, you have turned it into a diamond shape that is easy to see as a flat image on your monitor. Another simple form is the square, which can be easily made more interesting by changing its shape. By adding a slanted vertical line across a square, you have transformed the square into a three dimensional object that is easier to understand and more attractive to the eye.

Challenge Your Pencil As mentioned earlier, many artists find drawing inspiration by sketching images a challenging exercise. While this may be true, you should be prepared to do plenty of practice sketches in order to become a good pencil artist. You can purchase affordable starter sketch pads for only a few dollars at most craft stores. As a matter of fact, I would suggest looking for the smallest pads possible, so that you can learn how to draw everything from a square to a diamond in the least amount of time possible. Practicing every day until you master your sketches will make drawing realistic drawing fun again.

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