How to Draw Anime Eyes – 3 Steps to Create the Anime Eyes You Want



How to Draw Anime Eye

To draw anime eyes is not a complicated thing at all. It is actually just an easy step-by-step process that anyone can do. However, many people struggle when it comes to learning how to draw Anime eyes because they just don’t know how to start. Many people think that to draw Anime eyes correctly it requires a great deal of technical knowledge and years of training in the art form. Nothing could be further from the truth.

How to draw Anime eyes doesn’t require years of training or knowledge of anatomy. The knowledge to understand how to draw Anime eyes simply comes from a basic understanding of how the eye functions. Learning common anatomical components that create most human eyes to look like anime glasses is an important step to understand how to draw Anime eyes properly. A step by step approach to drawing Anime eyes while still applying these common components.

Anime eyes are probably the first thing people see when looking at you so you want them to look as good as possible. You can get better at drawing Anime eyes by having a good knowledge of how to draw different colors. Many people tend to use only one color for their Anime eyes but this can lead to incorrect coloring and shading. If you are looking at how to draw Anime eyes, take the time to learn how to use a variety of colors.

To understand how to draw anime eyes, you need to have a firm grasp on the basics of eye anatomy. Anatomy is the study of how each part of your body works together. Eye anatomy is very similar to how the rest of your body is organized and how drawing an Anime eye is very similar to drawing a human eye.

If you want to know how to draw Anime eyes you need to start with an understanding of how to draw the basic human eye. The most basic part of how to draw Anime eyes is understanding how to make the pupil move. This is very similar to how a puppy makes its eye’s grow in size as it grows up. You want to make sure that the pupil stays in one place as it grows. You can draw this with the simple idea of creating a slit in the center of your eye.

The next step is to continue with the pupil on the other side of your eye. You need to make two slits in your iris with your pencil as you draw your Anime eyes. Make sure you don’t go too far in to the left or right. Then draw the eyelids. It’s best if you have two colors that go with your eye color for your eyelids as well as a dark outline to sharpen the details.

The last step in this how to draw anime eyes tutorial is to draw the fringe. There are two different options for you here, you can either draw with a brush or a pencil. If you are going with a pencil, you need to make sure that you go right across your eye and not just around it. This will help with getting the correct shape for your Anime eyes. Once you are done with your iris, you can then move onto your eyelids.

This last step in this how to draw anime eyes tutorial will help you with what is known as “blending”. There are different ways that people use to draw different parts of an image without losing the details. When you are learning how to draw female anime eyes, you need to learn some tricks of the trade such as blending. By blending certain parts of your sketches together you can get a more accurate depiction of how to draw female Anime eyes.

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