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draw alone girl

Are you fond of making drawings? Do you love to draw girl sketches? Do you have practice drawing girl but now want to learn something different? If yes, then take a tutorial to draw an alone girl swinging on a tree. I am Jia and will teach you about all tips and tricks to make a perfect girl drawing. All steps are too simple and you will definitely learn them quickly,

Before you start to draw a girl in the bulb taking a swing, you should first complete your drawing tools. You must have’

  • Chart paper
  • Scale
  • Black pointer
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • HB pencil
  • Compass

girl drawing stationery

Step 1

girl drawing step 1

The girl drawing easy step that you can follow are given below

In the middle of the paper draw a 6 cm circle with help of a compass. Now mark two points on the upper portion of the circle. The distance between the two points must be 4 cm. You can see my video tutorial to draw along a girl swinging on a tree.

Now draw a 3 cm line on each point

Join two lines and draw the shape of the bulb on these lines as you can see in the video. Make a swirling pattern to give an impression of the bulb base.

Now inside the circle make branches. Use light shade or HB pencil to make a tree branch.

Now draw two parallel lines that will depict the rope of the swing. You have to draw underneath the branch so it looks like hanging from the tree.

Now lightly draw the girl sketch. Follow the video tutorial for the complete guide for girl drawing.

Draw in a way that she is sitting on the swing

Use a very light pencil. This is our first step. Now move to the second step.

Step 2

girl drawing step 2

The girl drawing easy second is basically the outlining and shading of the branches.

Take a black pencil to draw alone girl swinging on a tree outline

After outlining the whole drawing, erase the pencil impression. Thoroughly remove all pencil marks to give a neat impression.

Step 3

girl drawing step 3

Now take a permanent marker and fill the branches and girl sketch with it. Leave the tips of branches blank.

Step 4

girl drawing step 4

Now take a black pointer again and outline the branches again. Have a look at the drawing and give a neat look by making an outline again if you feel something looking untidy.

Fill the tips of branches with a black pointer.

Step 5

girl drawing

The final step of girl drawing is to outline the bulb boundary, make sure its boundary must be thick so you can give a prominent impression.

To give a final look make rose petals with a black pointer around the girl’s hand.

Now use the HB pencil and draw leaves around the branches and shade them lightly.

In the last, take a white pointer to make the bulb line prominent.

These are five easy and quick ways to draw an alone girl swinging on a tree.  If you want to practice quickly and want to know how to draw girls easy way then watch my video. You will definitely learn quickly about girl drawing as well as learn tips for how to draw a girl in the bulb.



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