How to Draw a Wolf Face | Wolf Face Drawing for Beginners



Learning how to draw a wolf face is one of the most important lessons in drawing. It’s a must for all beginner artists out there. It’s not so hard to accomplish. Wolf is a popular subject because its features can convey many different emotions. This article will show you a few tips on drawing a wolf face.

Wolf isn’t just an ordinary kind of animal, it has several symbolic meanings that we can learn by applying different techniques in drawing. You might find some techniques quite easy to understand. There are even some that can make drawing a wolf face very difficult. I’ll show you some simple yet easy steps on how to draw a wolf face. These tutorials can help you learn how to draw any cartoon character with just a little effort.

  • Step One: Visualize a realistic wolf face. Make sure to draw a realistic look. Wolf has strong features that will make you achieve the look you’re aiming for. By simply looking at a wolf, you’ll get a very good idea on what you’ll have to do.
  • Step Two: Choose an effective drawing aid to draw a wolf. A pencil will do. Try drawing a straight line to begin with. Curve it to come up with an oval. Straighten out the sides and fur.
  • Step Three: Get the right pencil. A hard lead pencil will be perfect for this lesson. Draw a straight line across the ‘o’ of your circle. Make two ovals inside your ‘w’. Curve these into the sides of your face.
  • Step Four: Start with the most obvious feature of a wolf. The head with the prominent ears. You can use a single oval for the entire picture or draw three separate ones on different sides of your head. Then curve the two ears to create a’s’.
  • Step Five: Now we’re almost done with our drawing lesson on how to draw a wolf face. Let’s depict a little more of our wolf friend. Create a fur around his muzzle. Curve the side of his face until you get a nice round shape. Curve the other side forward to create a’s’ for your forehead.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick little how-to on how Wolf Face.

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