How To Draw A Rose With A Photo Tutorial



This step by step how to draw a rose tutorial will show you how to sketch a rose using simple shapes. You will learn how to draw a rose honeysuckle, freesia, lily, irises, carnation, lotus, orchid and daisy. The tutorial focuses on the basic color tones and shading. The tutorial has been formulated to help children learn how to create their own work of art using simple flowers. The main focus of the lesson is fun and not how to draw a rose perfectly every time. 

  • Step One – The Basics. The tutorial begins with a look at the basics of how to draw a rose. The Flow Drawing Technique, also known as the Hake-cation teaches students how to develop a smooth constant flow of movement that is used to draw all kinds of art. This is the technique you need if you want to know how to draw a rose honeysuckle.

  • Step Two – Rose honeysuckle. To complete this second step, you will need to sketch the shape of the rose’s head, usually done by joining the stem leaves together. Sketching the entire stem will result in more accurate drawings, but you can always stop somewhere. In fact, sketching only half the stem leaves will result in leaves that are too long and messy looking. Next, sketch a thin vertical line across each leaf’s tip. Use a pencil to make these lines thicker and darker. 
  • Step Three – The Oval Shape. To finish your rose artwork, you will need to sketch an oval shape on top of the petals using the same pencil. You will then create an obvious depth by adding a straight vertical line from the top of the petal shape to the bottom. You will continue to add straight vertical lines inside and outside of the oval shape to give your drawing a nice sharp, clear shape.

  • Step Four – Petal Stem. The last step is to draw the stems using a little bit of dark shading. It helps to take a little bit of your white paper and lightly smudge the petals before you begin. Start in the center and draw outward. Remember to keep your design symmetrical.
  • Step Five – The Heart Shape. To complete this step, you will need to sketch out your rose’s outline. You can use a pencil for most of this step, because you will be able to control the size of your heart shape. Sketch a straight, narrow u shape from the top of your heart shape to the bottom of the petal.
  • Step Six – The Scalloped Edge. After your rose is complete, you will want to add a scalloped edge to it. You will use a small sharp pencil to cut the scallop out of your paper. Next, draw a straight, narrow zigzag line across the top of your scallop. Remember to keep your lines symmetrical.

  • Step Seven – Flowering Flower. The last step is to sketch out your flower. You can use a pencil for most of this step, because you will be able to control the thickness of your lines. Use a light pen for drawing the petals around the perimeter of your flower. Keep in mind that your flower should be a simple but interesting pattern. 
  • Step Eight – Choose Your Favorite Petals. To choose your petals, just remember that there are five basic shapes: triangle, diamond, circle, oval, and square. These are the only basic shapes that you need to draw with petals. Using other shapes will make your work much more complex. For example, if you wanted to draw a rose that was shaped like a heart, you could draw the petals as a heart with the center being a diamond shape.

This is only an introduction to rose drawing. If you want to learn how to draw petals around a rose using a photo tutorial, you will want to keep reading. There are eight very important steps that you must follow when drawing petals around a rose. These include: 

Keep in mind that the key to drawing roses well is to start with the basic shapes before adding any details or colors to the rose. By doing this, you can ensure that your drawing is accurate and easy to follow. The process doesn’t have to be difficult. All you have to do is practice. It’s like learning to ride a bike: you don’t start off riding your bike with perfect skills, instead, you get good at it by practicing and then improving.

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