How to Draw a Nose | Nose Drawing Tips For Beginners


You can draw a realistic-looking nose to aid you in drawing noses. Drawing faces and bodies is very difficult. Most people have trouble understanding how to draw a nose, even though most people do not have problems with complex details. If you are also having trouble with drawing people or other objects, then this article may be of some help to you.

To help you get started with drawing noses, the first five steps listed here have been developed by professional artists who understand how to draw a realistic-looking nose. To see what it does and how easy it really is, check out the link, step-by-step drawing lesson in drawing noses.

  • The First step to drawing a realistic nose, as outlined in the previous step, is to choose a shape that looks good to you. In this case, I recommend choosing a nose shaped like a “rounded triangle”. To make it look more realistic, use a dark color, preferably black. To give it more definition, add shading to it using lighter shading.
  • Step Two: Next, we will draw the outline of your nose. Using a pencil, start by outlining the base of your nose. Be sure to overlap your nose bridge with your lip. Next, draw the outline of your nostril and surrounding area. This will help you determine how much shading you need to add to your nose. If needed, you can use a combination of darker and lighter shades to give more definition to your nose bridge and the rest of your face.
  • Step Three: Now that you have your basic outline, it’s time to start adding some texture. Using a light-colored acrylic pencil, add highlights to your nose and inside your nostril area. For a more natural look, try using a brown Hibbert pencil. Remember that your nose will probably be covered in skin so using a light-colored pencil is best.
  • Step Four: The next step is to bring all of your hard work together and add detail to your actual nose. Starting with your actual eye, draw a straight line from the center of the eyes to the tip of your nose. Then, add a shade of darker color down the side of your nose, making sure to overlap your nose bridge. You should now see two creases just below your eye and near the bridge of your nose. Use a light-colored pencil to fill in these creases.
  • Step Five: Now that your nose is fully drawn, add light to it. Using a dark blue or brown drawing pen, draw a thin line down the center of the upper side of your nose. This will create a ‘hump’ on the upper side of your nose, which we will later use for a beard. Now take a light-colored pencil and draw a thin line down the right side of your nose, just barely over your eye. Now draw a line going from the bottom of your nose to the top of your mouth.
  • Step Six: Now that you have your lines worked out, you can start to add details. To do this, it will help if you draw a freehand on paper. Create a dark outline around your nose, creating a second circle as well as the third circle under your nose. Draw a horizontal line between these two circles and your first circle. Next, draw a vertical line directly above your nose, and another horizontal line down the left side of your head. Finally, draw a circle underneath your chin, creating a hook.

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