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How to draw a lion face with step by step lessons for children. Step by step lesson for children on how to draw their favorite lion face. With just one easy step a child will be on the way to drawing their favorite lion face. With this lesson you’ll begin to understand what is needed to properly draw a lion face and recognize key areas to focus on. It can take a little practice but with the lion face drawing lesson you can gain valuable insight into drawing lions.

Let’s get started with the lion head step by step lesson on how to draw a lion face. Take a piece of card, preferably black and white or colored with some accent colors. You will use this as your rough drawing. The most important thing to remember is the head and neck is very visible when the lion is standing so make sure you pay special attention to this portion of the picture. Next decide where you would like your lion to sit, perhaps a spot near the ground with something to give it a way to see its surroundings. Now it’s time to determine the eye, now this is probably the one that most people have problems with, they are usually the easiest part of any lion drawing. 

Usually lions have a wide double nostril, two smaller ones around the sides. With the lion nose drawing you’ll need to understand that the tip of the nose is extended outward. Next determine where you would like the lion’s nose to end, you can do this by looking at the tip of your nose and finding the exact line that connects to the outside of your nostril and the upper part of your mouth. Use these lines to connect your nose and head and start tracing a line from the tip of your nose to the tip of your head, keep in mind that your nose is not always straight so you may have to add some extra lines. There are plenty of great resources for learning more about the different parts of a lion’s face.

The next thing you want to pay close attention to is the mouth, now you can use a ruler or a pencil to help you create the circular motion. Use your nose and line from the tip of your nose to the tip of your head to draw the circular motion. If needed, you can use a smaller circle for your mouth. There are plenty of resources available on the web to help you learn more about lion nose and sketches. The last element that you will want to keep in mind is that your eyes should be placed at about eye level, if they are off center, then you will have a lot of trouble getting the general shape of your lion face drawing face accurate.

The last thing we will discuss in this article is the facial features of a lion, the use of stripes and spots and of course the ears and the face markings. You can learn how to draw these items on your own, but to be easier you can always purchase some excellent Lionhead coloring books or DVDs that will take you through all the steps of drawing a lion using their body of works. Another great resource is to check out some of the many websites dedicated to the history of lions and different species of cats. These websites offer step by step instructions on how to draw all the details of a lion’s face as well as the patterns that help to create the look of a natural lion.

Now that you understand the lion’s features, you will be able to begin to learn how to make a face sketch drawing. To begin with, select some good lion head coverings or download full-resolution pictures of these animals. Now, you will want to open up the black and white picture in an appropriate drawing program. Some examples of this kind of software include Paint Shop Pro, Corel Draw, or Adobe Photoshop.

After you have opened the picture in a drawing program, you will want to start making a nose. To do this, first draw the outline of the nose on the black paper. Next, you will want to add some wrinkles to the nose in the same manner that you did to outline the rest of the animal’s body. Finally, you will add shading to the nose using various pencils and dry erase markers in order to create a nice sharp nose.

The final step in learning how to make a lion face step by step is to create the rest of the features of this animal. To do this, you will need the black and white head drawing, some fine point markers, and a few soft cloth tips. Start by drawing the lion’s eyes, mouth, and its two front paws. You will use the face pencil sketch for these parts of the body. Finally, you will add the wrinkles to the nose and the rest of the face in the same way that you outlined the lion’s features.

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