How to Draw a Lion – Easy Steps for Beginners



Learning how to draw a lion can be an enjoyable experience for kids. With lion cartoons available in most magazines and on many television shows, kids are introduced to this wonderful creature as early as possible. If you’re looking for some ideas for your kid’s next birthday or even if you want to try to teach your child how to draw a lion, these simple tips can help. Use these tips to learn how to draw a lion in no time. And be sure to use your imagination to put some other animals in the picture that will really add some character to it.

Time required: 15 minutes. To get started, prepare the paper and Pencil. The best way to draw a lion is with straight sides and a circular shape. Using a triangle-shaped piece of cardboard or a straight board, draw the lion by joining its two uppermost legs together.

The first step is to remove the little mane or tail from the main body. Locate it about one inch below the eye on top of the lion’s head. It may also lie a bit lower than the nose. Use the pencil to draw out the fur and skin of the lion.

Next, draw out the lower part of the lion. Use the large circle as the guide to position the eyes, nose, and jowls. Position the rest of the lion on the same large circle and add two circles around its hind legs and forepaw. Start to add two more circles around its head. After all the major organs are in place, draw a tail around the base of the neck and add two more circles.

Add a curving line inside the mane starting from the front of the head and moving backwards along the mane. Use a small circle as the transition point between the two different circles. This transition should be easy for the eye to follow. Now start to draw out the snout on the lower half of the lion. Beginning with the head and proceeding slowly and easily along the curve of the snout, you will end up with the widest part of the snout.

To finish drawing a lion, add two more curving lines inside the mane. These lines will help emphasize the tufted ears and thick lips of the lion. There are three main categories of Lions – the spotted variety, the lion with tusks, and the African lion. If you are a beginner at drawing lions, it is good to draw the spotted variety first since it looks easiest on human beings.

The next part of how to draw a lion is to draw its nose. This is also the easiest part. A simple way to draw a lion’s nose is by tracing a basic shape like the basic rectangle and then add a little bit of height at the top and bottom as well as some width at the side. It would be helpful if you find a similar shape that you like to use as an inspiration.

The last step is to add the remaining facial features of the lion. A simple way to draw the lion’s facial features is to draw a circle and then add a little bit of side projection so it appears as a hooked nose. Remember that the facial features are only highlights of the head. Other than that, all other parts of the head can be colored in black. Follow these steps until you are done with your first attempt at how to draw a lion.

The last step in learning how to draw a lion is to make the head and put it over the mane. Start from the bottom of the mane and draw a curved line to connect the two. Then add side angles to create the ears and finally make a straight line from the main to the paws for a better idea of how they look when fully grown. For those who are not comfortable drawing with lines, there are plenty of examples on the internet to help you out.

Once you have learned how to draw a lion, you will be able to give it a realistic looking drawing. There are a few tips though that you need to keep in mind when you are drawing a lion. For starters, keep in mind that a lion has a tendency to turn its head when it is angry or threatened. Make sure that you keep that in mind when you are drawing the lion.

Also remember that you need to include the mane and tail when you are drawing the lion. The mane is the bulk of the lion and will consist of its face, its eyes, and its snout. The tail is the part of the lion that you want to focus on when drawing it. The tip of the tail will end up being a smaller circle than the rest of the lion’s body which will help make it easier to see.

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