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Are you fond of making drawings? Do you want to draw like a professional? Are you looking for the tutorial to draw an alone girl swinging on a tree? Then you are landed in right place. Here I am going to guide you about girl drawing using pastel colors. Before we start making tree drawing with a girl, first check about the materials you need to complete your drawing successfully.

  • Chart paper
  • 24 colored crayons or pastel colors
  • Masking tape
  • 9b pencil
  • Hb pencil
  • Compass

5 easy and quick steps to Draw Alone Girl Swinging on a Tree.

girl drawing stationery

Step 1

girl drawing step 1

Take a chart paper and paste the masking tape in the center and on the sides of the paper. Now draw a small circle on the masking tape to start the girl drawing.

Now take a paper cutter and cut the circle. Make sure you have made the cut on the tape and prevent damaging the below sheet.

Remove the masking tape. This was our first step. You can see my video tutorial to learn the guideline about using the masking tape in the right way.

Step 2

girl drawing step 2

Now use the light pink pastel color and make a circle around the masking tape. Now take the rose pink color and make a circle around the pink color. Keep your hand soft so it does not damage the page. After that use the purple color and draw another circle and shade it. Now use the red color and shade it around the rose pink. First, outline or you can directly shade the circle.

Step 3

girl drawing step 3

Now take a tissue paper and fold it in three to four folds and blend it thoroughly. Complete the blending. Use the purple color of dark shade and fill the corners. Again take the tissue and blend it thoroughly. Now take a small portion of the tissue paper and blend the white portion and give each color an even tone.

Step 4

girl drawing step 4

Use graphite pencil and draw the branches of the tree. Shade the braches and dark it to make a permanent impression. After making the trunk, draw the side small branches to make a complete look of the tree.

Step 5

girl drawing

The fifth step to draw alone a girl swinging on a tree, draw the line to give the impression of the rope of the swing. Use the ruler to draw the swing board. Now draw the girl sitting on the swing. Draw the back, head, and hands of the girl. To complete the tree drawing with the girl makes the cat sitting beside the girl.

Now draw the grass below the swing to show the surface. Now your girl drawing is complete. Remove the masking tape and give it a complete look. If you are thinking about how to draw a girl drawing then it is quick to make a colorful view with a girl sitting on the swing.

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