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Hey everybody, Welcome back to another little girl drawing, today I am drawing “How to draw a girl step by step very easy way. Moreover, I have also generalized 5-steps which help you a lot. So don’t skip any step. Grab your tools let’s get started.


These are the tools which help me in making simple girl drawing.

1: Permanent Marker

2: Black pointer

3: HB pencil

4: Eraser

5: Scale

6: white paper simple hard chart paper)

Step 1- “Lite Sketch”

First at all, I am using HB Pencil and draw the simple sketch of girl drawing. I am drawing tree lightly. After then, I am creating branches of the tree.

After then I am using eraser.

Create a swing for that girl.

Now draw a baby girl drawing which is sitting on the swing.

Create some birds sketch around her (to show the cute little girl drawing more beautiful).

Finally 1st step is done of cute cartoon girl drawing.

Let’s move to 2nd step.

Step 2 – “Outline”

In this step, I am using Black Permanent Marker, for outline the tree.

Use Black Pointer for outline the small branches.

Second step is also completed moving on the 3rd step.

Step 3 – “Highlight”

In this step, I am using Black Permanent Marker, and colored the tree.

Using eraser to remove the pencil lines.

Clean the page with this brush.

Outline the swing of (easy simple girl drawing) with black pointer.

Now 3rd step is also completed, let’s move to 4th step.

Step 4

In this step, I am using Black permanent marker, for coloring the remaining parts of the tree.

Now 4th step is also completed. Let’s move to 5th step which is the last step of the pretty girl drawing blog.

Step 5

In this step, I am using again Black Pointer, and colored the small parts of the branches.

Now outline the girl.

Color the girl with marker.

Also color the birds.

Finally, it’s done. Hope you all enjoyed the “HOW TO DRAW A GIRL STEP BY STEP VERY EASY”. If you enjoy this girl sitting drawing, the give me a big thumbs up. Share it with your friends and tag me on Instagram for featured. Share your feedback in the comments section. Thanks for watching check my previous blog/video ___ Subscribe my YouTube Channel, like my page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I have also upload some other Cool Girl Drawings Blogs, you can also watch that.

Thanks 🙂 Have a good day!

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  2. Ravirajsinh

    September 6, 2020 at 10:45 am

    Lovely and creative was to DRAW A GIRL, liked it!

  3. Shawn

    September 8, 2020 at 4:30 am

    Nice tutorial about fundamental composition.


    April 2, 2021 at 10:50 pm

    Best view i have ever seen !

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How to Draw Anime Lips – Start Learning How to Draw Anime Lips Today!




There are tons of different anime characters, each with their own unique style. Each brings a different type of beauty to the table, and when it comes to drawing them, having the perfect smile is key. Lips are a huge focal point in drawing an anime character. It can make or break an artist when it comes to drawing certain features of the face. The trouble is that everyone has different shaped lips, and if it is not done correctly, the end result could be unattractive. So how do you know which one is best for you?

I will go over here three different categories of draw anime lips. These are the Anime Nose, Anime Cheek, and Anime Lip Veneers. In this article I will discuss each of these and provide you with a quick sketch of each. This is just an easy overview of the many choices of how to draw anime lips.

Let’s start off with the nose. Noses are usually very thin, slender pipes sticking out of the mouth. This creates a wide base for more detail. For an Anime nose, the top color should match the color of the rest of the hair, with darker shades contrasting lighter shades.

Anime lips are also very flexible, they can go in many directions. The shape of the lips is very important. Anime makes great choices for an Anime makeup tutorial as well. Here is a quick anime makeup tutorial to show you how to draw anime lips for 10 characters.

For this next character, I am going to show you how to draw anime lips for the cute, shy, Uchiha Madao Guise. Uchiha means “iskil,” and is a Japanese name. This girl has short black hair, and light skin.

If you want an easier way to learn how to draw Anime lips, check out my favorite website! My favorite website is at Deviant Art. There is so much information on this website. The best thing to do is open up the manga lips tumblr page, which is where most people begin. Once there you will find all the cool places you need to go to learn how to draw Anime lips.

For the last character, let’s discuss the most famous character, the most popular character in Japan, which is the main protagonist of the anime series,” Naruto”. The most popular character is Naruto, so I am just going to show you how to draw manga lips for Naruto. For this character, I am going to show you how to draw manga lips by using a step by step method. This is the safest method to draw Anime lips, since it is so easy. This is my favorite method to draw Anime lips, ever!

These are three of the best ways to draw Anime lips, the medium size of how to draw anime girl’s lip, and step by step cartoon drawing method. You can learn how to draw Anime lips with ease, by finding an expert who only draw Anime cartoons. You can learn how to draw Anime drawings and many other stuff about Anime, when you find an Anime blog, or an expert who only has anime art.

This is what you need to know about Anime, to draw Anime lips. To draw Anime lips, you should start out with the basic understanding of how to draw Anime drawings. If you have a good basic understanding of how to draw Anime drawings, you should be able to figure out how to draw Anime lips.

When you have a good basic understanding of how to draw Anime, you can begin to learn how to draw Anime lips. There are many places on the internet that you can learn how to draw Anime, and many sites that offer free tutorials on how to draw Anime. If you want to learn how to draw Anime lips, try to find an anime blog online that has free tips and tutorial on how to draw Anime lips. When you find an anime blog, you should look for the word draw Anime lips.

You should then find a drawing tool that you feel comfortable with. The best drawing tools that I recommend are the ones that you hold in your hand. Drawing Anime lips can be very difficult, so if you choose to draw it by holding a pencil or markers, you should go slow. By drawing Anime with slow and smooth motion, you will learn how to draw Anime lips properly.

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How to Draw Roses – Step by Step Instructions to Practice Your Drawing Skills




How to draw rose like a pro is a question asked by most artists. Most artists are told that to be able to master any art form, you have to first learn to understand it. This is especially true for the art of drawing. Learning to draw a rose is no exception. There are a number of steps one must take to be able to understand how to draw a rose. Learning the basics of drawing this beautiful, fleshy and sensuous flower is the first step to understanding how to draw this type of flower.

It’s easy to forget that learning to draw roses actually requires knowledge of how to recognize and reproduce the basic shapes and colors used to create this beautiful art form. The key to drawing roses well knows how to use the basic geometric shapes to give your drawings the appearance of realistic depth and shading. This basic knowledge of drawing can easily be learned by drawing a pencil rose and tracing the shape on the paper. Once the basic foundation of rose drawing has been understood, and your confidence grows, you can begin to add more details and color to your pencil rose.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of keeping a steady, even pressure on your paper while you are drawing. This could very easily lead you to making mistakes, or even making the rose look too perfect. While using a steady pressure is important, you should also pay attention to the slants and angles you choose when drawing roses. These slants and angles will affect the overall appearance of your work. Keep these things in mind as you continue on your how to draw a rose easy.

Starting with a blank piece of paper, simply lay down the pencil or paper on which you plan to begin your drawing. You may choose to mark the side of the paper so that you can easily identify it later as you draw. Use a light pastel color, such as pale yellow or pale pink. Next, draw two parallel lines from one corner to another of the heart shape you have just drawn.

Using two smooth stroke styles, draw outward from these two lines. For best results, use a medium flow with your strokes. Next, create a straight edge by curving the top half of the rose petals downward, then the bottom half outward. Now, curl your wrist and draw a line from the corner of the rose petal to the inside corner. This will form your third line of vertical strokes.

The easiest way to create flow drawings is to draw the rose shapes, then put them down on the paper so that you can easily see the flow from each shape. The easiest way to draw these simple shapes is to draw each shape in one stroke, following the similar stroke for each shape. To make it easier for you, here are some simple tips you can follow.

For every rose, it is necessary to learn how to draw roses with similar strokes. The easiest way to draw the simplest of shapes is to use the A shape. Simply place your finger on the rose shape, move your hand up to the middle of the rose, then your wrist should point towards the tip of the rose, and the tip of your fingers will form a rounded lip. This is called a right-rounded lip and will help you easily draw a rose with this method.

Once you learn how to doodle with roses, you will probably find more projects you can do with doodles. Remember that you don’t need to doodle only with the roses; you can do other artwork such as doodles on flowers, people, cars, etc. You can even print your own doodles if you don’t have any fancy digital artists to help you.

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