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Hey everybody, Welcome back to another little girl drawing, today I am drawing “How to draw a girl step by step very easy way. Moreover, I have also generalized 5-steps which help you a lot. So don’t skip any step. Grab your tools let’s get started.


These are the tools which help me in making simple girl drawing.

1: Permanent Marker

2: Black pointer

3: HB pencil

4: Eraser

5: Scale

6: white paper simple hard chart paper)

Step 1- “Lite Sketch”

First at all, I am using HB Pencil and draw the simple sketch of girl drawing. I am drawing tree lightly. After then, I am creating branches of the tree.

After then I am using eraser.

Create a swing for that girl.

Now draw a baby girl drawing which is sitting on the swing.

Create some birds sketch around her (to show the cute little girl drawing more beautiful).

Finally 1st step is done of cute cartoon girl drawing.

Let’s move to 2nd step.

Step 2 – “Outline”

In this step, I am using Black Permanent Marker, for outline the tree.

Use Black Pointer for outline the small branches.

Second step is also completed moving on the 3rd step.

Step 3 – “Highlight”

In this step, I am using Black Permanent Marker, and colored the tree.

Using eraser to remove the pencil lines.

Clean the page with this brush.

Outline the swing of (easy simple girl drawing) with black pointer.

Now 3rd step is also completed, let’s move to 4th step.

Step 4

In this step, I am using Black permanent marker, for coloring the remaining parts of the tree.

Now 4th step is also completed. Let’s move to 5th step which is the last step of the pretty girl drawing blog.

Step 5

In this step, I am using again Black Pointer, and colored the small parts of the branches.

Now outline the girl.

Color the girl with marker.

Also color the birds.

Finally, it’s done. Hope you all enjoyed the “HOW TO DRAW A GIRL STEP BY STEP VERY EASY”. If you enjoy this girl sitting drawing, the give me a big thumbs up. Share it with your friends and tag me on Instagram for featured. Share your feedback in the comments section. Thanks for watching check my previous blog/video ___ Subscribe my YouTube Channel, like my page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I have also upload some other Cool Girl Drawings Blogs, you can also watch that.

Thanks 🙂 Have a good day!


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