How to Draw a Cat – The Simple Steps Anyone Can Take to Create the Perfect Drawing


Are you looking for some easy realistic cat drawing art, then look no more! Realistic drawing of cats is not that hard, and with a little practice it can become very easy. When I was just starting out, I was always told to draw my cat with the perspective of the person standing on its shoulders. This works great if you have a cat who is tall, because your perspective will be from above. If your cat is short you will need to be aware of where your cat’s tail ends and head start as this will affect your drawing.

The next step in realistic cat drawing is to create an outline. When you’re first starting out you probably won’t want to start with a solid color but I find black, better than other lighter colors. Try and make your outline a little thicker than your main body, this helps give depth to your drawing. It’s important not to stop adding texture to your outline when you get to the lighter details, it adds realism.

Next I would like to talk about adding texture to your cat drawings. The first thing that comes to mind is how to add texture to the light areas of your drawing. There are several ways to do this depending on what type of cat you are trying to draw. Most of the time people will make their cats stand in one spot the entire time. To make realistic cat drawings you’ll want to create a variation on this style. If your cat’s walk around the room from side to side, you can use various degrees of movement to draw attention to particular areas.

If your cat likes to follow along things you can draw simple circles around objects in the room. You can also follow along with your cat by tracing around the edges of the circle you have made. Use your white pencil to create varying thicknesses of fur on your cat. This gives emphasis to the texture of the area as well as help you learn to create realistic cat drawing skills. You don’t want to over do it and make your cat look cartoonish, but learning to play with the lines in fur can be fun.

The last part of learning realistic cat drawing is to keep it simple. While there are plenty of tutorials and books available for learning how to draw cats there are very few resources available online for free. The only real free resource I have found for drawing cats is the skillshare instructor. They have a whole bunch of videos and images, you can follow along with learning how to draw a cat.

One very important thing to keep in mind when drawing a cat is to find a good light source. All cats are finicky creatures and will not jump into a light if it does not provide them with a sufficient amount of light. Find a spot with a good amount of direct sunlight if you want to get good results.

The next step is to learn to make your cats eyes pop out a bit. The best way to do this is to draw your eyes with light inside of them. Start with a light source at eye level and move your eyes up to create some depth in the picture. Using the light source at eye level can be difficult because your eyes need to follow it. If you start with the light source at eye level and just add more lights as you go up, you’ll end up with a pretty good look.

The final step in learning how to draw a cat is to add the fourth coat of fur. This coat of fur gives your drawing a three dimensional look. I recommend having at least three coats of fur applied because it makes your drawing look really realistic. Use a finer point for your new fur and don’t go too thick or too thin on this coat of fur. When you get right down to it, adding a fourth coat of fur should not take much time at all.

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