How to Draw a Cat Step by Step Tutorial


If you want to improve your art career, you may want to consider improving your cat drawing skills. Everyone loves to see beautiful drawings of cats, especially those that are created by talented artists. It is very possible for anyone to learn to draw different types of cats just by picking up a sketch pad and learning the basics. You can also buy some cat pencils or cat painting books and learn to draw what you like. If you are interested in improving your art skills, you may want to check out the following suggestions.

  • Learn how to sketch the head and eyes of your favorite cats. This is an essential step when it comes to improving your cat drawing skills. Hundreds of free cat drawing pictures to choose from.
  • Learn some basic cat drawing concepts. One important aspect of cat art is the ability to know how to create different types of cat drawing pictures with just a few simple strokes. If you know how to sketch a cat with just a few strokes, you can add a whole lot of depth and dimension to any cat illustration.
  • Take advantage of the free sketches and other drawing ideas on-line. There are many sites that have plenty of wonderful tips and illustrations. Just do a quick search on cat art and you will find lots of amazing resources. Some of these resources even offer free cat drawing ideas and tutorials. Take full advantage of this!
  • Practice basic shapes. Before you go about drawing actual details, it is a good idea to master the basic shapes. These include rectangles, squares, circles and more. Drawing with perfect proportion is crucial if you want to create amazing drawings. When you are finally ready to move on to more detailed drawings, it will be time to make your adjustments. Remember, it is never too late to sharpen your skills.
  • Learn to draw basic shapes correctly. Feline artists have a way of making their subjects look more realistic by drawing them in ways that humans can’t. Cat’s body shapes are very unique, and they often draw the outline of their body and then make the necessary corrections to the lines around it. This results in detailed artwork that is much more appealing than what you would usually get when looking at traditional illustrations. Make this a priority if you want to learn to draw feline subjects correctly.
  • Get your sketches right the first time. Learning to draw a cat isn’t something you can pick up overnight. You will need to spend a lot of time practicing what you learn and perfecting your sketches until you have them down as perfectly as possible. Many people rush through the process and aren’t able to do it perfectly the first time. Resist that temptation!

Cat drawing can be very rewarding and fun once you get the hang of it. Remember to practice, and practice some more. The best drawings come from someone that really puts in the time and effort to get them right. If you want to learn to draw a cat correctly, make sure to put in the time and effort necessary to get it right the first time.

When drawing the face of a feline, it’s important to pay close attention to facial features. Learn about the expression that a cat makes when it is happy, sad or scared. Pay special attention to the eyes, as they are a main focal point of the drawing. The eyes are the windows to the soul and they are an excellent place to start with your drawing lessons on how to draw a cat.

One effective way to learn how to draw two cat faces is to draw two straight lines from the eye to the bottom of the nose, and then to the tip of the tail. Remember to apply a little bit of upward pressure to get the point across properly. After drawing two straight lines, apply upward strokes with a soft downward motion to round off your sketch. Then you’re ready to move on to the next part of your lesson on how to draw two cat faces.

A cat step by step tutorial will help you learn a lot more about drawing. If you are a beginner, you can begin with simple images like those found in books or on the Internet. As you become more experienced you can move on to more complex drawings. It really depends on how far you want to take your drawing skills. You may decide to become a professional artist one day or simply continue learning how to draw with a cat step by step tutorial.

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