Harmony Montgomery’s Mother Arrested on Welfare Fraud Charges


The disappearance of Harmony Montgomery has caused much concern among family and friends of the missing girl. Although the mother of the girl has tried to contact her daughter, she has not succeeded. Jamison, who is two years old, often cries for Harmony at night. The parents have tried several times to contact the girl, but have been unsuccessful.

Adam Montgomery’s arrest
A day after Adam Montgomery was arrested on unrelated gun charges and an extant abuse charge for hitting Harmony Montgomery, the family is still searching for their daughter. Kayla Montgomery, Harmony’s mother, also faces welfare fraud charges for allegedly falsifying information about the size of their family. She is expected to be arraigned Tuesday.

According to Mr. Montgomery, Harmony had last been seen around Christmas time in New Hampshire. Her adoptive parents contacted local authorities and social workers. However, Mr Montgomery had not shown any emotion when they first spoke to him. The police did not know that Harmony had been missing for two years.

Harmony Montgomery’s family has remained silent on her disappearance, but the arrest of her father has fueled speculation about his involvement. The family remained steadfast in not leaving the home of Harmony Montgomery, even though the home was being foreclosed. However, it was only after Thanksgiving that the family moved out. As a result, the investigation turned into a homicide.

Harmony Montgomery was last seen in late 2019. However, it wasn’t until December 2021 that the missing child was reported missing. The search for her turned into a homicide investigation in August this year. The child was last known to live with her father, Adam Montgomery, and her stepmother, Kayla Montgomery. In January 2022, the parents were arrested. The charges against Adam Montgomery include falsifying physical evidence, altering evidence, and tampering with a witness.

Adam Montgomery’s arrest for Harmony Montgomery was made on the basis of evidence gathered from the apartment. Investigators removed doorknobs and faucets, and examined drywall around the bathroom pipes. The police also searched the manhole cover outside the building. In addition, the investigators replaced the faucets and doorknobs and searched closely in the bedroom closet.

Harmony Montgomery’s disappearance
Police haven’t revealed much about the case, but they do know a few details. Harmony’s father was incarcerated when she was born, awaiting trial for shooting a man in the head. The mother is not involved in the case and has never met Harmony.

Harmony’s disappearance has been a hot topic for months. Her disappearance, a second-degree felony, has prompted a number of investigations and multiple suspects. Her mother, Crystal Sorey, has been working to find her, calling schools, the police, and NBC Boston.

Adam Montgomery, Harmony’s father, has been charged with second-degree murder and other crimes. He’s also accused of falsifying physical evidence and tampering with a witness. It’s not clear if he killed his daughter, but he has a long list of convictions and misdemeanors involving guns.

Harmony was last seen in October, during a family spat. Her last known location is in Manchester. She is described as about 4 feet tall, 50 pounds, and has blond hair and blue eyes. Her right eye is blind, so she should be wearing glasses. The missing girl has not been seen since.

Adam Montgomery, Harmony’s father, has not commented on the disappearance. While he remains mum, his disappearance has exposed the cracks in child welfare systems. The mother called the police in November 2021 after months of unsuccessful searches. She last spoke to her daughter on the day after Easter.

Harmony Montgomery’s disappearance is under investigation by the police. Her mother called them in November 2021 when she was prevented from getting in touch with her daughter. The investigation hasn’t made much progress since then, but the reward offered by the police is over $150,000. It’s unclear what will happen to Harmony.

Adam Montgomery, Harmony’s father, entered not guilty pleas in January 2022, and he’s been in jail without bail. The indictments will be presented to a grand jury in the next couple of weeks, but a trial date hasn’t been set yet. Adam Montgomery has a long list of criminal convictions, including several for child abuse.

Kayla Montgomery’s perjury charge
Kayla Montgomery pleaded not guilty to a theft by deception charge and was released on bail last month. The charge is not connected to the disappearance of Harmony Montgomery. She allegedly made false statements about the presence of her daughter in order to receive $1,500 in welfare benefits. The charge was filed after she claimed Harmony was living with her when she was not. Her father is currently in custody pending unrelated charges.

Harmony Montgomery went missing in late November or early December. Her father, Adam Montgomery, was caring for her. The missing girl’s mother, Kayla Montgomery, told investigators she hadn’t seen her daughter since the morning. Montgomery’s husband, Adam Montgomery, allegedly told her that Harmony was going to Lowell, Massachusetts.

On Monday, the state Attorney General’s Office filed a motion to compel her to testify about the missing girl. The prosecution argued that the testimony was fabricated. Despite the allegations, the judge found Montgomery not guilty of the perjury charge. She will have to go through a lengthy trial.

Montgomery entered a not-guilty plea to the perjury charge. The charges against her involved lying to a grand jury about her employment history and the location of her prior shifts. The lawyer said Montgomery lied about the details of her previous jobs in November and December. The prosecution claimed that she lied about the location of her last job and the number of hours she worked there.

Kayla Montgomery was arrested last week on perjury charges. Although she was released from jail after pleading not guilty to welfare fraud charges, she refused to answer questions when she was interviewed outside the courtroom. She was also required to complete substance abuse treatment. The judge gave her an unsecured appearance bond of $5K and ordered her to attend a drug treatment program.

Kayla Montgomery’s relationship with Harmony Montgomery
If you’re wondering if Kayla Montgomery has been having an affair with Harmony Montgomery, you’re not the only one. The last time we heard from Harmony, she was in New Hampshire with her mother. Her biological father, Adam, was previously charged with welfare fraud. But even after the charges were dropped, Kayla continued to collect food stamps on her sister’s behalf and was able to get more than $1,500 worth of benefits on Harmony’s behalf.

But that’s not all Kayla Montgomery’s relationship with Harmony is based on lies. She failed to tell state authorities that she had moved out of her mother’s house. She also failed to keep her little brother from crying. Eventually, the state’s Attorney General’s office imposed more charges against her, including welfare fraud and stealing food stamp benefits. However, Adam Montgomery has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Harmony spent part of her childhood in foster care and went missing in January 2019. In 2018, her mother lost custody of her daughter, but the state released her to Adam. According to a report released by the Office of the Child Advocate, state officials did not consider Harmony’s well-being before releasing her. Harmony would have turned eight years old on Tuesday, but a judge has yet to rule whether or not she was ready to be home alone. In New Hampshire, a neighbor, Crystal Sorey, reported Harmony missing. The New Hampshire state prosecutor’s office charged both of them with assault.

The father of Harmony Montgomery was arrested in the late 2018 disappearance of his daughter. The child had not been seen since December, and Adam Montgomery’s stepmother told police that her father was responsible. Several other charges against Harmony’s father include falsifying evidence, falsely reporting information, and abuse of a corpse.

According to police reports, Adam Montgomery’s stepmother pointed the finger at him three months prior to Harmony’s death. She denied that she killed her daughter but told police that she was encouraged to lie to the police. Despite this, she is now a state witness in Adam Montgomery’s upcoming trial on weapons charges.

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