GOT7’s Contract With JYP Entertainment Dissolved



A recent report claimed that JYP Entertainment had dissolved GOT7’s contract. The group and the company have been working together for seven years. Although the two companies have remained a strong unit, GOT7 is leaving the company after a short hiatus. The split is a major blow for the Korean music industry, as the group is actively driving the cultural economy of the country. In addition, it would severely affect JYPE’s global marketing plans, as they will be losing a major portion of the US/international, Chinese and Thai markets.

The split is not entirely unexpected. The members of GOT7 have expressed their disappointment with the decision to leave the company. Despite the departure, the members are vowing to continue their group activities. However, some have branched out and started solo projects. While some are working on their music, others have begun acting projects. They will continue to do so to keep their fans happy. Here are some of the reasons why they’re leaving the company:

First of all, JYP did not renew the contracts for GOT7. They failed to make any announcement about the group’s future. This was because the members didn’t want to leave the company and pursue their own careers. After all, GOT7’s contracts expire on January 19, 2021, so it’s not too late to sign with another company and move forward with your career. There are plenty of opportunities out there for talented GOT7 members to move their talents to other companies.

On the other hand, JYP did not agree to renew the contracts for the GOT7 members. According to Jay B, the agency’s scheduling conflicts were the main reason behind the split. While the GOT7 has chosen to leave the agency, they have promised to remain a supportive partner in their future endeavors. This means they have opted to move on with their careers. It is not surprising that they are in talks with other companies.

As the group has left JYP Entertainment, they have not signed a new contract. Their contract will expire in January 2021. The members of the group haven’t publicly revealed which agency they’re leaving. Their social media accounts have been full of praise for the agency. But they aren’t the only ones leaving. While the news is not official, GOT7 have remained in the company.

In a statement issued by JYP on Tuesday, the group announced that it will leave JYP Entertainment after completing their contract with the agency. The members have reportedly been in talks with other companies since their January debut. The agency is not likely to negotiate with the members for a new deal, but it has expressed their gratitude. A contract with JYP does not automatically mean the group will leave. A member’s current management company may still be in discussions with the former agency.

In a statement published by the agency, GOT7 had said that they were leaving JYP because it had been too restrictive. The agency’s restrictions made it difficult for the group to express their creativity. As a result, it had been too restrictive for the members to continue working with their former management. As a result, it was revealed that the agency had decided to terminate the contract, which meant that the group had to leave the agency.

The members of GOT7 are leaving the company after their contract expired in January 2019. The members are currently in talks with other companies to find a new contract. After they’ve signed with their new management, the group will begin their search for a new music label. But the news of their split has already caused a major controversy in the fandom. The members’ new bandmates are claiming that they were mistreated by the company, but that is not the case.

However, it isn’t clear whether the members will stay with the group. The group’s contract expired on January 19 this year and the members are currently in talks with other companies. This is not the first time GOT7 has left the company, but the group has been doing so for some time now. If they leave their current manager, they’ll be working with other companies instead of GOT7. But the fate of the group’s members is not yet known at this point.

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