Good Bye 2020 Card Tutorial – Jia’s Art Card Trick Tutorial

card trick tutorial
card trick tutorial

Are you fond of making cards? Or are you looking for the pop up card tutorial or card making tutorials it to your friend? If you are thinking to make your own cards then it’s a good idea. If you are looking for the DIY card trick tutorial then here I am Jia. I am going to guide you about sites to make a goodbye card.

To start the card trick tutorial first collect the stationery items so you can complete your artwork with convenience and without wastage of time.

Materials you need for the card trick tutorial include

card trick tutorial stationery

  • Scale
  • HB pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Chart paper of card size
  • Cutter
  • Marker colors
  • Pencil colors
  • Black pointer
  • Black permanent marker


Step 1

card trick tutorial step 1

Take a chart paper and cut it in size of the card you want to make

Now fold the paper to give it a card look

Take a pencil and draw margin on three sides and cut with a cutter to create the neat look

After that draw three lines on the center of the card. Make sure the distance between each line is about 2 inches. You can see the line in my video tutorial as well.

This is our first step. Now move to the second step of the card trick tutorial

Step 2

card trick tutorial step 2

Now take an HB pencil and right Good-Bye 2020 or whatever wish you want to write

Write Good on the first line, Bye on the second one, and 2020 on the third one. For the font style check the video or you can make any font that you like.

Draw a hat on the first O of the good

This is our second step.

Step 3

card trick tutorial step 3

Take the black pointer and draw an outline around each word.

Erase all the pencil impression

Take the thick marker and shade all words neatly

Draw again borderline around the letters to give the neat look.

Now draw margin around the hat and shade it with your favorite color

Step 4

card trick tutorial step 4

Take marker colors of your choice and draw the balloons of different sizes around goodbye 2020. Use different colors. I am using my favorite colors like yellow, red, orange, and blue. You can use what you like most.

Step 5

card trick tutorial

Draw the outline and balloon knot with a black pointer neatly to give the final expression.

Erase any pencil mark if left.

This is your card for Good Bye 2020 is ready. Enjoy creating such cards, more types of cards, subscribe to my channel and enjoy making drawings. The simple yet elegant looking cards are best to inspire your fellows. So have a glance at the card trick tutorial and become a perfect card maker. Subscribe my channels to watch the YouTube card making tutorials 2020 and watercolor Christmas cards tutorial. You will learn by easy steps and become an expert in card making.



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