Wavy Hair Drawing


Hey everyone, this is Jia and you are reading Jia’s Art blog. You are at the right place if you want to learn How to Draw Wavy Hair in just 5-steps.


These are the drawing tools I’ll be using for hair drawing.

Step 1: – “Basic Sketch (Wavy Hair Drawing)”  

1st at all I am using HB pencil and a campus to draw a circle in center of wavy hair sketch.

Again using HB pencil and draw wavy hair sketch.

Now mark at 6cm and draw a hair clip in center of female hair drawing.

Erase the inner circle.

Make hair braid at both sides.

After then sketch hair lines.

Make wavy hair drawing in the bottom.

Now make arms of girl.

1st step is done; let’s move on the 2nd step.

Before we move on the second step, let you guys know about how I easily draw female hair drawing. The main thing is observation. While realistic hair drawing, observe the hair sketches or hair drawing tutorials deeply and practice roughly on the sketch book. This will help you a lot.    

2nd step: – “Hair Strokes (Hair Drawing)”

Remove tapes.

I am using an empty ball point and create some strokes lines in head of wavy hair sketch. (It’s not showing at the paper. It will help us to create the hair sketch easier and makes paper deeper.

Moreover, it is called identity lines).

Create these types of lines in all over the head.

I’m just creating indenting lines all over the head.

Now I’m using 4B pencil and creating strokes.

Same as the indenting lines.

Dark the edges of wavy hair drawing.

2nd step is done and let’s move on 3rd step.

3rd step: – “Hair Clip and Indenting Lines”

Outline the hair clip (of female hair drawing).

Now I am again using empty ballpoint and creating indenting lines in all the hairs of hair sketch.

4th step: – “Create Lines and Indenting Lines (Wavy Hair Drawing)”

Now I am again using 4B pencil and creating hair strokes like indenting lines.

Create lines in hair direction of female hair drawing.

5th step: – “Arms Sketch and Draw Hair (Wavy Hair Drawing)”

Now I am using HB pencil and creating some hairs around it.

Draw wavy hairs in (girl hair drawing).

Using cotton bud and shade the arms of wavy hair drawing

Neat the drawing sheet.

Blend the hair clip and braid.

Finally it’s done. Today you have learnt easy how to draw hair from the back side of girl. You can also watch my Girl Hair Drawing Tutorial on YouTube and give a big thumbs up and comment on it. Moreover, if you have any point in your mind which you didn’t understand, feel free to ask in the comment section. Also my previous Blog on How to Draw a Girl Step by Step Very Easy.

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