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Hi, are you fond of drawing and enthusiasts to learn different sketches? Are you willing to draw the face of a girl? Then here is the solution to your question that how to draw a girl’s face? Although it is a hard task but if you follow the following five steps you will definitely learn to sketch in the right way.
Things to Ponder
Before you learn to make a girl, face drawing easy it is a girl to keep it in mind a few important to be humble and patient. Because to draw a pretty face need some time. Beginners may feel difficulty and lose hope. You have to be courageous. Get ready yourself with confidence and follow these five steps to creating the pretty girl face drawing.


Girl Face Drawing

The second thing to draw the cute girl face drawing is to complete your drawing kit. You must have

  • Scale
  • Roll Pen
  • Tissue Paper
  • Eraser
  • Cotton Bud
  • Mechanical Pencil about 0.5mm
  • Masking Tape
  • Soft Blending Brush
  • Pencils (2B, HB, 9B,4B)
  • Hard Chart Paper

After having complete stationery follow the steps below

Step 1

Draw the basic shape of the girl’s face by following the guidelines in our video. Then use a 0.5 mechanical pencil and attach two lines. Create the head shape and mark 5 cm to draw the hairlines. Then attach with the face. After that draw a neckline.

After that draw ponytail, ears, and mark two points with 2.8cm distance. Draw eyes and eyeball. To draw the nose using the 3rd point. Mark point at 3 cm to draw lips. After that draw some lines to give the shape of hairs.

If you follow the first step then you can follow the girl sketch face easy ways and able to create the perfect drawing.

Step 2

Now use the 2B pencil and outline the eyeliner, eyeball, and shade these two lightly. Use the blending stump to blend the outlines. Now outline again with 2B by using the mono zero erasers to lighten the shade from the bottom. Draw lines by using the 2B pencil. Do the same procedure for the second eye.

Now create the rolling pen to highlight the eyes and shade the outer portion of the eyes. After that use a 9B pencil to shade the eyebrows. Draw eyebrows using a 4B pencil and apply the same process to the second eye. Neat the eyebrows using the eraser. Prominent the eyeliner by using the 2B and give shading with the HB pencil.
To make the eyeliner prominent, use 2B also to outline the eye.

Use HB pencil to make shade and use cotton bud for blending.

Your face girl drawing 2nd step is complete now move to 3rd one to give your drawing a new finish.

Step 3

Outline the nose from the bottom by using the 2B and shade it with an HB pencil. Now blend it to give a perfect shade and shape.

Step 4

Use an HB pencil to shade the entire face. Now use a 2B pencil to outline the lip and shape it. Draw eyelashes using the 4B pencil. It’s all about the 4th step. Now move to the final step to get the complete pretty girl face drawing.

Step 5

Girl Face Drawing

By using the 9B pencil draw hairs by shading and draw stocks in the hair portion. Apply the same process with hairs. Use a soft blending brush to blend the hairs. Use a mono zero eraser to draw the white hairs for highlighting. Use a 9B pencil and shade it. With blending stump, blend the shades and draw hair pony. Use an eraser and merge the shade and give a final touch to the sketch of the girl’s face.

Now you have learned how to draw a girl’s face? Isn’t girl face drawing easy? Now you can create your own and inspire your fellows with a neat and tidy girl’s face sketch.

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