How to Draw Girl Sketch with Hat for Beginners | Black Girl Drawing

girl drawing
girl drawing

For the painting and sketching enthusiasts who are looking for a complete guideline for the girl drawing for them, I am here for you. I am Jia and provide you step by step guide for the black girl drawing. I will teach you about it from the starting to end step so you can easily draw the sketch of the girl.

It is the complete guide for you making the cute girl drawing for beginners.  I assure you will learn and make a perfect drawing of a girl quickly. It is because I have outlined the girl drawing easy ways. Let’s check the tools first and then move toward to procedure about how to draw a girl.

Tools for girl drawing

·       Scale

·       9B pencil

·       HB pencil

·       Blending brush

·       Hard white chart paper

·       Simple eraser

·       Sharpener

girl drawing stationery

Step 1

girl drawing hat step 1

The first step of girl drawing is to draw the basic shapes according to measurement. I have given a video tutorial also get the measurements from here. In this way, you will able to make exact points. You will definitely find it a simple girl drawing as every step is guided in the video tutorial.

Draw a circle and below it make a horizontal line for a chin. The position of line should be of the diameter of circle vertically.  Make shorter chine because the long chin depicts the boy so be careful and keep the chin shorter. After that draw a jaw line to give an impression of chin. After that draw a vertical line in the centre so you can equally make eyes, lips and nose. For more guideline have a look on cute girl drawing tutorial in video tutorial.

The next step for the black girl drawing is to remove measurement lines to bring neatness sin your sketch. To bring perfection in cute girl drawing follow all steps.

Step 2

girl drawing hat step 2

Now you have to take the HB pencil to shade the hairs. For the hair shading of the simple girl, drawing use the 9B pencil. It will help in differentiating the strokes and give a natural impression.

Step 3

girl drawing hat step 3

For completing girl drawing easy and conveniently use again 9B pencil to draw the side hairs.

Step 4

girl drawing hat step 3

Hope you understand how to draw a girl and enjoy making the sketch of the girl with a hat.

After drawing hairs now outline the cap of the girl with a 9B pencil. After that make outline in the inner part of the cap. To give an impressive look to a girl drawing, color the inner part. For more elegant appeal draw the logo of Nike on the cap.

Except for the Nike logo color the al portion of the cap in cute girl drawing.

Step 5

girl drawing

The last step for the simple girl drawing is the addition of the shading in the girl shirt by using the HB pencil. Now outline the hand.

Use the 9B pencil to make an outline. To give a neat look blend it with shading. Blend all parts to make an impressive black girl drawing wearing a cap. Hope you understood how to draw a girl. It is the girl drawing easy and simple tutorial. If you are interested in making girl drawings or love to sketch eyes, parrots, or a girl wearing a hat then subscribe to my channel to learn about girl drawing and much more.

So, I hope you all enjoyed my Girl Drawing Tutorial as well as this Blog. Do share it with your friends and try this at your own sketch book. 


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