Gemini Home Entertainment


Gemini Home Entertainment is an anthology horror web series created by Remy Abode. Episodes are released periodically on the YouTube channel of the same name. The series features stories from various artists and is geared toward those who love horror and gore. It has a great sense of style and atmosphere, and is very entertaining.

Its premise is simple: a horror web series that fuses cosmic horror, body horror, and Native American mythology. The series’ main series, referred to as “Full Boxset,” documents creatures of rural Minnesota. The series also documents the Woodcrawlers, a highly dangerous extraterrestrial species that creates hostile facsimiles of their victims. As a result, viewers are forced to make hard decisions that could cost them their lives.

In addition to the videos, Gemini Home Entertainment offers merch line items. The company’s logo is a picture of the planet Neptune. Neptune plays an important role in some episodes. Unlike other home video series, these products are not available at retail stores. While you can buy them from online or at specialty shops, the company doesn’t guarantee that they will sell out.

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