Fashionably Late


While you’re out on the town, you can dress to impress by arriving at the party at least 15 minutes early. The time frame for fashionably late differs depending on the event. You want to avoid being the first to ring the doorbell, but you don’t want to arrive too late either. Being a fashionably late guest will convey that you’ve had other obligations. However, it’s always best to communicate with your host or hostess ahead of time to inform them that you’ll be late.

In addition to arriving late, fashionably late it is also acceptable to arrive early, but you should avoid arriving more than half an hour before the event’s start time. The rule of thumb is that you should not be more than half an hour late for formal events or work-related occasions. This is because time is of the essence, and missing the first round of drinks and socializing is rude and impolite.

If you’re carrying a large gift,fashionably late it’s best to arrive 15 minutes early to allow time for gift opening and games. If you’re arriving 15 minutes early, be sure to pick a seat. Otherwise, you’ll just be interfering with the festivities. Also, you’ll be causing the host unnecessary stress because you’re causing delays.

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