Fashion Nova Mommy Collection – Design Your Child’s Motherhood With Fabrics From the Fashion Institute of America



Fashion Novella” is the latest addition in the world of celebrity-owned fashion labels. The label, which was created by former stylist Kimora Lee Simmons, combines fashion with Mother Nature’s beauty in a one-of-a-kind approach. Using natural ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter, the label features both fashion and healthy beauty. Each product featured on the Mother label, such as her famous lip-stick in the form of Lip Contour Stick, is made from all natural, plant based compounds. It has been approved by the FDA and is cruelty-free.

With a vision to empower women through the powerful art of fashion, Simmons founded the company with her partner, Leila Smith. The two felt that every woman deserves to look beautiful and feel great about her appearance. That is why they began their careers with “The Art of Shaping.” They launched their line with the same mission in mind, and have grown into one of the most successful and popular companies for moms and their children.

Fashion Novella’s mother and daughter teams have created many award winning products, and are synonymous with cutting edge design. For the past thirty years, the company has been an innovator and pioneering force in women’s clothing. In addition to the health benefits, being made with all natural products is the label’s greatest claim to fame.

The Health Benefits Of Fashion Novella’s friendly approach to their products reflects their commitment to providing customers with only the best. Their packaging is beautiful, and everything, including the lip-sticking gloss, comes in beautiful red containers adorned with Swarovski crystals. The products themselves are not only packaged attractively, but are filled with vitamins and minerals your baby needs to grow and develop beautifully.

Fashion Novella’s mother and daughter team are also inspired by mother nature’s beauty, and believe that her love affair with the planet is expressed in the designs for their products. Each piece on the fashion label is handpicked from the local area where it originated, and then sent to the U.S. to be processed and manufactured. The result is a high quality product that is made from a sustainable source, and made to last.

The products are not made in sweatshops, or using child labor. Neither are they cheap knock offs of mother nature’s best gifts. They are authentic Mother Nature’s gifts, made by the finest companies, using the highest ethical standards.

Fashion Novella’s website boasts that they take “baby” seriously, and not just fashion. “Fashion is only one part of motherhood,” they say. “We believe that babies need their mother’s love, attention, and unconditional love.” Fashion Mommy Collection was designed to provide a complete line of fashionable apparel for mom, and baby. These fashionable items include: totes, tops, dresses, blouses, outerwear, swimwear, hats, scarves, body art, sunglasses, hats, purses, jewelry, and much more.

You can even have your initials made on the bodysuits and sweaters. If you do not know how to sew, there is an option to buy these items pre-made. The designers make sure you will love your mother as much as you love your baby. With this line of Mother Nature inspired designs, you will definitely look and feel like a million bucks.

There are many different design options for the Fashion NoVA Mommy collection. The two main categories are sweaters and jackets. Sweaters are available in every size and style, including custom fit options. You can also choose a color that fits your personal preference.

The jackets are available in short, long, trench coats, and plaids. This allows you to find the perfect design for you and your children. You can have the Sweater or Jacket specially made by a reputable and licensed seamstress who specializes in warm weather outerwear. This is one of the best options for a sweater or jacket design because you can be sure it will last for years.

Baby items are always fun to shop for, and this is no exception. The website offers stylish, affordable fashion for your baby. The website is fully customized and offers thousands of designs to choose from. These items are designed with comfort and safety in mind. You can purchase any of these fashion items individually or you can purchase a complete fashion line.

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