EVO Entertainment Schertz


Evo entertainment schertz Group is building a new 73,000 square foot entertainment complex in Schertz, Texas. This center will feature a movie theater, bowling, laser tag, full restaurant, and private event space. It will be the group’s fifth venue in the greater San Antonio area. In addition to the new Schertz location, the company is also planning to build a similar complex in Dallas.

To help guests enjoy the experience, the team will operate a box office and sell one cards. The box office staff will also answer phones and provide directions. They will also explain policies and inform guests about any specials, promotions, Evo entertainment schertz or events taking place at the venue. These team members will be the first point of contact with guests, ensuring that their every need is met. A dedicated phone service team will answer guests’ questions and provide information about the venue.

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