EVO Entertainment Schertz Will Open on March 8



The new venue, dubbed EVO Entertainment Schertz, will open on March 8 in the town of Cibolo. The complex will feature a 10 screen dine-in cinema, 16 lanes of bowling, and more than 70 video games. In addition to the bowling lanes, the facility will have a full restaurant and bar. Early screenings of Captain Marvel will take place March 7 and 8, and the company is planning grand opening festivities in April.

EVO entertainment in Schertz has made its parking lot a drive-in theater. Recently, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the company turned the parking lot into an IMAX-sized drive-in theatre. With so much excitement, the team behind the new space is looking forward to welcoming patrons and making this new venture a hit. Here are a few things to expect when visiting the venue.

EVO theaters will have the newest 4K laser projection system. The movie will be projected on regular EVO screens and EVX screens. You can also earn points by using the Elevate Rewards app. You can also use the app to collect points for your purchases in the theater. This way, you can use your rewards toward a free movie or a new video game. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the menu.

EVO theaters will be a great place to catch a show. They have comfortable leather seats that recline fully and have call buttons and large, moveable trays. You can also take advantage of the Elevate Rewards app, which allows you to earn points for every time you visit one of the EVO theaters. This app will also reward you for being loyal to the brand. You can earn more points for visiting these theaters and redeem them at a future date.

Besides the EVX screen, EVO’s newest theaters are equipped with the latest 4K laser projection system. The movie theaters are equipped with EVX screens that can be completely reclined. A large moveable tray makes it easy for patrons to take advantage of this technology. They offer an Elevate Rewards app and customers can use it to earn points and redeem offers. With the app, the company can reward loyal customers by rewarding them with special offers.

A new EVO theater in Schertz will have EVX screens and the latest 4K laser projection system. The theaters will feature both EVX and regular EVO screens. Both theaters will offer their Elevate Rewards app for customers. The app is designed to encourage customers to earn points by watching movies. There are also special offers that encourage frequent visits to the EVO screen. The new venue’s name and design have a great impact on the area’s economy.

If you’re in the mood to watch a movie, make sure you check out the new EVO theater in Schertz. This new venue features EVX screens and the latest 4K laser projection system. It also has a mobile app that will allow customers to earn points and redeem them for discounts. This is an exciting opportunity for customers to enjoy a new movie experience. The new addition will be a great addition to the area’s growing nightlife scene.

EVO Theaters will be equipped with EVX screens and a new 4K laser projection system. Aside from the new screens, the theaters will also feature the popular EVX screen. These screens will be similar to those used in IMAX and EVX screenings. In addition to a new theater in Schertz, the company has another location in the city of San Antonio. Both locations will offer the latest technology and the best service.

EVO isn’t just a drive-in theater. It will also have a drive-in theater. In fact, the new movie theaters will be outfitted with the latest 4K laser projection system. The seats will be fully reclined, and call buttons are included. The screens will be similar to IMAX and EVX screens, and will feature the latest Dolby Atmos sound system.

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