EVO Entertainment Expands Its Presence in San Antonio



EVO Entertainment plans to open a second location in San Antonio by 2021. The theater complex will be 80,000 square feet and located near Military Drive and State Highway 151, sixteen miles west of downtown. The Escala theater will offer luxury heated recliners, a scratch kitchen menu, and 10 auditoriums. It will also feature dine-in amenities such as pizza and beer.

The company is also planning to build a 14-lane bowling center, a gaming center, and a dining and event venue. It is expected to open in September 2016. In addition to the movie theaters, the facility will offer a full-service restaurant, a bar, and a patio. It will also include private event spaces and a patio. For those looking to host an event, the venue will have a dedicated area for private events.

The Escala location is slated to open early next year. The EVO Entertainment Group has a long history in the San Antonio area and has opened its first location in Schertz last year. The company anticipates breaking ground on the Escala location this spring and opening in early 2021. This is a great opportunity for any entrepreneur looking to create a new business in the area.

The San Antonio EVO Entertainment Group will also add a new entertainment center in Schertz. Construction will begin on this 80,000 square foot center in the summer of 2019. The center will feature ten dine-in auditoriums and luxury heated recliner seating. The group has two entertainment centers in the area and a third is planned for the future in Southlake. The Southlake location is scheduled to open in September.

In San Antonio, the EVO Entertainment Group is preparing to open a new 73,000-square-foot entertainment complex called “The SPOT”. The complex will feature a virtual reality experience and an all-recliner dine-in movie theater. The new center will also have arcade games, food and drinks. The complex is set to open in September. This will be a great place to entertain families and friends.

Despite the growing population of San Antonio, the EVO Entertainment Group is expanding its presence in the city. It has a new location in Schertz at the intersection of Highway 151 and Military Drive. The center is also set to open a second location in Schertz in 2020. In both cities, there will be 10 cinema screens and a large, modern entertainment center. This will be the first in the area to offer virtual reality experiences.

In addition to the San Antonio cinema, EVO Entertainment Group has announced a new entertainment center in Schertz. The theater will be located at the corner of Military Drive and Highway 151. The complex will have 10 dine-in auditoriums and luxury heated recliner seating. The company is currently opening a second location in Schertz, and has plans to expand its presence in the next few years.

EVO Entertainment Group plans to open an entertainment center in San Antonio. The 80,000 square foot center will feature a restaurant, a bowling alley, a video game arcade, and a boutique movie theater. The entire facility will be 70,000 square feet and open in September 2016. This is the largest entertainment center in the state of Texas and the only one in the city that offers luxury heated recliner seats.

The EVO Entertainment Group is a new and exciting entertainment center in San Antonio. The SPOT is a boutique entertainment center with a 14-lane bowling alley. It will also have a restaurant and a bar, as well as a private party space. Unlike its competition, EVO is a true leader in the experiential entertainment industry. If you’re in the area, check out the latest EVO san antonio locations in the region.

The EVO Entertainment center in San Antonio has expanded to 87,000 square feet. It will include an 8-screen movie theater, a bowling alley, and a video-game arcade. It will also feature an outdoor live music venue, a full restaurant, and a stocked bar. In addition, Santikos has announced plans to open two movie theaters near Interstate 10. Each will have a 10- to 12-screen auditorium and a bar.

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